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Capturing the personality of a child in a photo is challenging. A photographer has a limited amount of time to find what it is about that child that will make a great photo. Some kids are shy and some are outgoing. The trick is to take what they offer and be ready for the unexpected. Photographer Jack Reznicki goes through a series of portrait sessions with children, ranging in age from infant to toddler, to preteen. Jack’s rules for children are simple: The first rule is to have fun. The second rule is to be flexible. The third rule is to throw out all the rules. Join Jack for some great instruction and tips for photographing children.

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Jack talks about the challenges of photographing kids and talks about a few of the methods he uses.
A photographer has to have an assistant there just to keep the attention of the children.
A second baby comes on set and Jack works behind the camera to get some shots.
Jack and his assistant work to get smiling shots of a third infant.
Jack has to take what the subject gives him in this example.
Sometimes the photographer has to wait it out and let the child get into its comfort zone.
Bubble machines and Cheerios are tools of the trade.
Jack starts his next subject off with a microphone.
Jack gets the facial expressions he wants by getting the child to repeat after him.
Experimenting with some different facial expressions.
Any kind of brand or logo on the child's clothing is distracting to the eye.
Jack works with a 10-year-old boy in this lesson.
Jack wraps things up and emphasizes some of the important points.
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Jack Reznicki


Jack Reznicki is a commercial photographer specializing in people and children based in New York City. His creative problem solving has helped promote products and services for many companies such as Tylenol, The Wall Street Journal, Hyatt, Toys "R" Us, Kodak, Reader's Digest, Crest, AT&T, Playtex, and several Time Magazine covers. ...

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  1. Profile photo of Nancy Duffy Nancy Duffy

    what type of lighting did you use for your photo’ing of the
    children, it didn’t look like the regular flash I’ve been using
    on mine,, any help would be greatly appreciated
    Nancy Duffy

  2. Profile photo of Sharly78 Sharly78

    I loved this tut on the kids! Very helpful for me. I was grinning like a ninny all the way through it. Thanks! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  3. Profile photo of kevinlouie kevinlouie

    Great to see how to interact with kids of all ages. Even how to work with kids who aren’t happy. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  4. Profile photo of JoseRegino JoseRegino

    What size of extension tube did Jack use? —- Yes, please post my feedback

  5. Profile photo of alansf alansf

    I love watching Jack at work with kids. As a grandfather and designate family photographer, I mostly shoot kids- our own, our grandchildren and friends kids. Jack has helped a lot. Thanks !! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  6. Profile photo of Cheryl Walker Cheryl Walker

    Wonderful course! Watched it in the morning then used it in the afternoon on numerous shoots. Thank you!

  7. Profile photo of baxblue baxblue

    Not a bad course. Good insight for working with kids. My only critique, is that the course is almost void of any technical information such as the type and setup of the lighting (not just that it is a strobe). I would have liked to have more discussion on lens selection and why, shutter speeds, f-stops of the background and f-stop of kids (as they look a bit hot), use of the panel reflector and the type of floor matt material.

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