One Light Lighting, with Jack Reznicki

Jack wants to teach photographers how to affect the quantity of light without affecting the quality.

Photographer Jack Reznicki has a philosophy about using available light: if it is available, use it! In this course, Jack starts out with the basics of understanding light and recognizing what that light is doing inside the photograph. The best way to learn lighting is to start with a single light and learn how to manipulate it. Jack wants to teach photographers how to affect the quantity of light without affecting the quality. Some of the techniques covered in this course include; positioning a large soft box, simulating sunlight in the studio, using nets, reflectors, and gobos, beauty light, and how to change the temperature of the light. This is a great course for photographers who are just getting started in the studio. Some advice from Jack – don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It just means you are learning.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 03:48)

Lesson 2: The Sun: A Small Light Source? (Duration 02:50)

Lesson 3: Model Direction and Soft Box (Duration 03:20)

Lesson 4: Positioning the Soft Box and the Background (Duration 12:05)

Lesson 5: Color Temperature and Using a GoBo (Duration 04:33)

Lesson 6: Nets, French Flags, and Reflectors (Duration 10:14)

Lesson 7: Bare Head Light Source with Reflector (Duration 04:34)

Lesson 8: Lighting a Male Subject (Duration 09:36)

Lesson 9: Double Shot (Duration 04:58)

Lesson 10: Beauty Light (Duration 05:08)

Lesson 11: Wrapping Up (Duration 04:33)

Meet Your Instructor: Jack Reznicki

Jack Reznicki is a commercial photographer specializing in people and children based in New York City. His creative problem solving has helped promote products and services for many companies such…


  1. Mr. Reznicki made an excellent presentation with this training video. In addition to good technical material, Mr. Reznicki is very articulate which makes it easy to understand his instruction.

  2. Faaaaan-tastic course! Simple, to the point, friendly, informative, useful and a great basic refresher on how to see light/shadow and how to wrangle it for a pleasing portrait. Thanks, Jack! You're the sweetest!

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