Wordpress 3 for Photographers: New Features By Aaron Grimes

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WordPress has quickly evolved into a powerful Content Management System. To that, there are some really exciting changes in the newest release, WordPress 3. RC Concepcion goes over some of the standout features and shows you how to implement them on a basic WordPress website.

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RC Gives us a tour of the Wordpress 3 template 2010, shows us how to install Kubrick, and shows where we can see the quick changes of Wordpress 3
Wordpress 3 allows you to add your own headers to your theme. RC goes over how to switch out the header to another stock header, and how to quickly create one in Photoshop.
Wordpress 3 allows you to add your own backgrounds to your theme. RC goes over how to switch the backgrounds, and how to quickly create one in Photoshop and save it using Save For Web.
Learn how to quickly add menus that add pages and categories into a site navigation in Wordpress 3
Adding your own menus and creating subnavigation could not be easier using Wordpress 3. RC Concepcion shows you how to do it!
Wordpress 3 allows you to create multiple menus with whatever site navigation you need. Top that off with the ability to add widgets with menus and you have powerful site navigation.
URL shorteners make it easier to tell people about pages, and let you track their progress. Learn how to install a bit.ly plugin and employ the URL shortcode functionality in Wordpress 3
RC Concepcion goes over how to create Metadata Presets in Lightroom to help add information to your images.
RC goes over how to export your posts and pages and how to download backups of your content using FTP to safeguard your website.
Learn how to import your data back into a Wordpress implementation and how to use a Search and Replace plugin to help speed up your work.
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Loosely based in Los Angeles, Aaron Grimes is a filmmaker who spends most of his time on the road. Specializing in Aerial Photography his work has been featured on 60 Minutes, The Weather Channel, Right This Minute, as well as online through Gizmodo, Time, and Adobe’s blog. While aerial photography is not his primary focus the equipment...


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