Website Walkthrough Using WordPress: From Start to Finish, with RC Concepcion

Join RC as he builds a photography website from the ground up using Wordpress and learn just how easy it can be.

Building your own photography website does not have to be difficult or expensive in order to have one that looks really good. Join RC as he builds a photography website from the ground up using WordPress and learn just how easy it can be. No matter what theme or hosting site you use; the basics are still the same, so follow along and you will be up and running in no time! This class is a great companion to RC's bestseller, Get Your Photography on the Web.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Go Daddy Go! (Duration 03:04)

RC starts at the very beginning by setting up a domain and web hosting account on Go Daddy.

Lesson 2: Adding Wordpress (Duration 04:44)

How to install the Wordpress app directly from the Go Daddy site into the hosting account to begin building the site.

Lesson 3: Access and Add (Duration 05:09)

Now that Wordpress is installed, you will learn how to access the back end of the site and begin adding content and pages.

Lesson 4: Find Your Theme (Duration 05:27)

It is ok to use templates! RC shows how to upload a theme from (or any other Wordpress theme provider).

Lesson 5: Make it Yours (Duration 06:59)

RC shows how any theme can still be personalized with a few quick changes in Photoshop.

Lesson 6: Adding Menus and Content (Duration 09:09)

The site navigation process takes shape by adding menus and content with pictures.

Lesson 7: Add a Slideshow (Duration 06:45)

Setting up the slideshow and setting up presets to make adding more pictures easier.

Lesson 8: Pulling Content and Adding Sidebars (Duration 09:03)

RC makes the site look fuller by pulling in content from other sites, like Flickr and Twitter, and adding them as sidebars.

Lesson 9: Making a Flash Portfolio (Duration 12:06)

Getting a Flash portfolio from - Choosing images, adding categories, configuring collections and more.

Lesson 10: Working With the Flash Portfolio (Duration 10:22)

RC continues creating the Flash portfolio by making an action to make the process flow.

Lesson 11: Finishing the Flash Portfolio (Duration 04:40)

Putting on finishing touches such as adding names, tags, titles.

Lesson 12: Adding the Flash Portfolio (Duration 04:46)

Adding the finished Flash portfolio to the Wordpress site and linking it up.

Lesson 13: Finishing Up (Duration 08:27)

Redirects, finishing touches, turning components off and on as content is added.

Meet Your Instructor: RC Concepcion

Rafael Concepcion (RC) is an education and curriculum developer for KelbyOne, and the co-host of Layers TV - The How To Podcast For Everything Adobe. An Adobe Certified Instructor in…

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