Online Photo Portfolios with Lightroom 2 and Dreamweaver CS4 By RC Concepcion

1 hr 39 min

In this course, RC explains the process of creating an online Photo Portfolio site using Lightroom 2 and Dreamweaver CS4

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

RC goes over what will be covered in this course
This lesson covers a workflow strategy for using Collection Sets and Collections
Lightroom 2 allows you to set module specific Collections. RC goes over the process of using module specific Collections, and what is the benefit to them
RC goes over the process of creating an HTML gallery in Lightroom 2, and where a gallery like this would be beneficial
RC goes over the process of FTP on a website, subfolders on a website, and how to use Lightroom 2 to upload your HTML gallery to the web
RC goes over a sample project structure folder and how to define a site using Dreamweaver CS4
In this lesson, RC goes over how to use CSS IDs to make the website layout as well as how to modify HTML elements to change default background, margin and text
Repeating elements on a page is as easy as using a template. RC goes over the process of making a Dreamweaver template and how to make pages based on a template
In this tutorial, you will go over how to create a Flash based gallery and why the Simpleviewer gallery is an appropriate choice for inclusion into a website
RC goes over the process of applying a Dreamweaver template to a Lightroom 2 Gallery and how to modify the CSS to take into account the new template design
After making some CSS changes, RC goes over the process of adding additional pages to the website as well as creating links for the Dreamweaver template
Using descendant selectors and margin changes to modify the links on the Dreamweaver site as well as adding another gallery to the page
In this lesson, RC gives you a tip on how to upgrade a photo gallery from Lightroom 2, as well as goes over how to upgrade your Simpleviewer installation in Lightroom 2
The website is complete. It is time to publish. RC goes over the process of publishing the website from Dreamweaver CS4
Thanks for following along. Hope you learned a lot
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