InDesign Interactivity, with RC Concepcion

RC Concepcion goes over how to use InDesign CS5 and its newest features of interactivity to create an interactive portfolio.

When working with images for a portfolio, you will invariably need to create a portfolio of your work. Chances are you will look at InDesign to make this work. Did you know that InDesign can also create an Interactive Portfolio? RC Concepcion goes over how to use InDesign CS5 and its newest features of interactivity to create an interactive portfolio.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Work with Preferences and Setting Up a Document (Duration 05:02)

In this lesson RC goes over how to setup some basic layout properties in InDesign CS5 as well as how to make your work easier using presets.

Lesson 2: Creating a Master Page and Character Styles (Duration 05:03)

Part of speeding up your layouts in InDesign is working with Master Pages and Styles. RC will go over how to setup Master Pages for his layout in addition to setting up character styles

Lesson 3: Placing Text and Images (Duration 07:27)

Go over some techniques on how to place images inside of am InDesign CS5 layout.

Lesson 4: Placing Multiple Images and Using Static Caption (Duration 09:49)

Learn some cool tricks for placing multiple images and InDesign Cs5âs new use of Live and Static Captions.

Lesson 5: Exporting the Document as a SWF File (Duration 09:49)

RC goes over how to create Character Style and Export the InDesign CS5 document to SWF.

Lesson 6: Creating Hyperlinks (Duration 05:14)

RC goes over how to add hyperlinks to your interactive document as well as how to create Duplicate Character Styles.

Lesson 7: Adding Video in a Document (Duration 04:54)

RC goes over how to add video into an InDesign interactive document as well as how to add ply controllers and poster frames.

Lesson 8: Adding a Button (Duration 07:46)

Take your interactive design in InDesign and give it even more functionality by including buttons in your document.

Lesson 9: Rolling Your Own Button (Duration 05:02)

Sometimes adding the standard buttons wont do. In this case, RC goes over how to create buttons from simple text layers.

Lesson 10: Creating and Linking to Destinations (Duration 09:46)

Destinations allow you to place markers at key points in your document. Combined with buttons, this gives you great control inside of an InDesign CS5 document.

Lesson 11: Animating Your Elements (Duration 09:25)

Once all of your elements are in place you can add another level of interactivity by animating these elements into appearance. RC goes over how to add and remove animations as well as how to change their order using the timing panel.

Lesson 12: Uploading to a Website (Duration 05:05)

Once the SWF file is created in InDesign, RC goes over some basics on how to upload the information to a website.

Meet Your Instructor: RC Concepcion

RC is an education and curriculum developer and a “Photoshop Guy” for KelbyOne. An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has 10+ years in the I.T. and…


  1. I'm enjoying the InDesign Interactivity course. I like how you have it broken into short 5 minute (or so) topics. This makes the course manageable and very enjoyable -- no information overload. Thanks RC!

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