Using Flickr For Your Images, with RC Concepcion

In this course RC will show you how to quickly setup an account, add images, keywords, and share your images through Wordpress and Dreamweaver sites.

Flickr is widely considered the de facto standard site for sharing your images online. Using Flickr will allow you to take your images to the places where people are seeing them, increasing the amount of exposure you can have for your work. In this course RC will show you how to quickly setup an account, add images, keywords, and share your images through WordPress and Dreamweaver sites.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Signing Up for Flickr (Duration 04:02)

In this lesson RC goes over the process of how to sign up for access to the website

Lesson 2: Adding Pictures (Duration 03:00)

RC goes over the process of adding images to your Flickr account to review on the web

Lesson 3: Deleting Your Images (Duration 02:57)

Learn three different ways for you to delete your images from your Flickr account. This also helps with deleting and modifying groups of images

Lesson 4: Editing Your Flickr Profile (Duration 04:56)

Make your Flickr profile more attractive to others by adding your website and personal information to your profile

Lesson 5: Adding Keywords and Title Information (Duration 04:13)

Getting your images found has a lot to do with how well you title and keyword your images. Learn how to add keywords quickly!

Lesson 6: Add Keywords and Titles from Lightroom and Bridge (Duration 04:02)

You can leverage the power of Lightroom and Bridge to help title and keyword your images. RC will show you how!

Lesson 7: Image Sizes and Hiding Exif Data (Duration 04:54)

Learn how to navigate through different sizes on Flickr images as well as how to hide your camera's Exif Data in Flickr as well as through Lightroom exports

Lesson 8: Metadata Presets in Lightroom (Duration 02:42)

RC Concepcion goes over how to create Metadata Presets in Lightroom to help you add information to your images

Lesson 9: Using Sets in Flickr (Duration 06:01)

Learn how to create Sets for organizing your images in Flickr

Lesson 10: Flickr from Lightroom (Duration 04:51)

Learn how to leverage the power of Flickr's plugin in Lightroom to send your images immediately online

Lesson 11: Deleting Images with the Lightroom Flickr Plugin (Duration 01:39)

Adding images is a breeze with the Flickr Plugin. But so is removing them. Learn how easy it is to remove images with it!

Lesson 12: Adding Images with the Bridge CS5 Flickr Plugin (Duration 02:47)

Bridge Users rejoice! Learn how to add yoiur images to Flickr with the Bridge CS5 plugin

Lesson 13: Embedding Slideshow Code in Wordpress and Dreamweaver (Duration 03:15)

Learn how to take your Flickr based slideshows and embed them into places like Dreamweaver CS5 and Wordpress

Lesson 14: Finding Flickr Groups (Duration 03:09)

You can increase your amount of views by joining Flickr Groups. RC Concepcion will show you how!

Meet Your Instructor: RC Concepcion

RC is an education and curriculum developer and a “Photoshop Guy” for KelbyOne. An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has 10+ years in the I.T. and…

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