Flash Catalyst Crash Course By RC Concepcion

1 hr 45 min

Many times, designers want to be able to put together online experiences without having to learn code. From small microsites, to add-ons to existing websites, the more engaging we can make our online experience the better. RC Concepcion takes you through Adobes newest software Flash Catalyst CS5. By designing a small microsite, you will be able to master the necessary pieces to get you designing great interactivity, with no code.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Take a quick tour of the Flash Catalyst CS5 application before you start.
Start the beginnings of a Microsite by creating and importing assets from Photoshop CS5
Vector graphics are great for design. Take a tour of how to import files from Illustrator CS5
Learn how to make buttons from components as well as how to setup a good layer structure in Flash Catalyst CS5
Everything that you do from an interaction standpoint starts in States. Take a quick tour on how to make a State and add transitions
Make the development of any application easier using Duplicate States in Flash Catalyst. We will also add some actions to the buttons
Once we have the individual pages for our microsite, we're going to need to add content. Learn how to make a text box and a scrolling text box.
Learn how to add images to your Flash Catalyst project as well as a quick way to replace content on pages.
Learn how easy it actually is to import video into Flash Catalyst CS5
Learn how easy it actually is to import sound into Flash Catalyst CS5 as well as how to shot only transitions to specific states
Lets use Illustrator CS5 to create our own scrollbar and apply it to a text box
Action Sequences add a little more spice to your existing project.
Learn how to create a Data List for your microsite.
All about how to publish your Flash Catalyst File including Adobe AIR
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RC is an award winning photographer and author of the best selling books “Get Your Photography On the Web” and “The HDR Book” by Peachpit Press. He is an education and curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, hosts the popular podcasts “Photoshop User TV” and “Photography Tips and Tricks...

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