Dreamweaver CS4 for Beginners By RC Concepcion

2 hr 14 min

Learn the functions and capabilities of Dreamweaver CS4 as RC goes through the basics of building and designing a website with the new version

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Welcome to this Dreamweaver CS4 basics course
Getting to know the Dreamweaver workspace and finding the panels you need
The first step when creating a new site is defining the location of the project folders
Creating categories and sections to organize the content of the site
Extensions will help save you time and allow you to spend more time designing
CSS is the web standard when it comes to styling your web pages
Getting started with creating CSS style sheets
Using IDs to organize your website layout
Using examples, RC explains how to modify IDs to setup the website project
Moving forward with the web design project
Turning your layout into a template that can be used throughout the website
Everything in the website is based on links
Going through the site and making sure all of the design elements are working correctly
Creating and implementing forms using Dreamweaver
Once the site is done, it is time to publish the site to the internet
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  1. Profile photo of DavidH2154 DavidH2154

    I found this course helpful to understand the power of Adobe Acrobat that I have used many times as a content consumer but not as a content creator.

    I noticed there are two editing errors:
    1.At the start of “Adding Articles”, there is a long pause and then RC introduces the video twice i.e. starts it again. It needs trimming from the beginning to the correct “In” point.
    2. Similarly at the start of “Creating a Form”, RC introduces it as Indesign and then loops back to restart it correctly referring to Acrobat. The intro referencing Indesign belongs in the “Out-takes”

    The only other thing I would add to the course is to extend the section on Forms to cover the typical use case of distributing to end users. To be more specific about the security settings that one should use for forms to be distributed to other people (RC mentioned it in passing in the Securing Your Document” but should be more explicit. And also a comment that loops back to whether a person with only Reader can fill in the forms and print or save the results and any gotchas. I know I can experiment with that, but it would be more complete to add one more section to the course to cover that off.