Getting Started with Acrobat CC, with RC Concepcion

RC Concepcion takes you through how to create PDF's, add functionality to existing PDFs. work with Collaborative tools, as well as cover Document security.

Acrobat is a tool that is used in every step of a creative artist’s workflow. From generating forms for your clients, to adding a little bit of interactivity to your presentation, you’d be surprised to know just how easy it is to be able to accomplish.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:41)

Intro video.

Lesson 2: Acrobat versus the Acrobat Reader (Duration 02:21)

RC gpes over the differences on using the free Adobe Acrobat reader and the full version of Acrobat. We will also cover how to download the acrobat reader from the Adobe website.

Lesson 3: Creating a PDF from Photoshop (Duration 03:22)

In this lesson RC Concepcion goes over how to create a PDF file to send to someone right from inside of Photoshop CC.

Lesson 4: Creating a PDF from Illustrator (Duration 02:22)

In this lesson RC Concepcion goes over how to create a PDF file to send to someone right from inside of Illustrator CC.

Lesson 5: Creating a PDF from InDesign (Duration 02:41)

In this lesson RC Concepcion goes over how to create a PDF file to send to someone right from inside of InDesign CC.

Lesson 6: Office Applications to PDF (Print Dialog Box) (Duration 02:21)

Printing PDF's are not just limited to Adobe applications. In this lesson RC goes over how to create a simple PDF from Microsoft Word.

Lesson 7: Saving a PDF from a Webpage (Duration 02:40)

Learn how to create a PDF that includes website links and images right from a browser.

Lesson 8: What are Document Presets (Duration 05:51)

When using Acrobat, you have a series of document presets available to you. Learn how to select which preset will be best for a situation and how to create a new custom preset.

Lesson 9: Adding and Removing Pages in the Document (Duration 07:06)

Learn how to add and remove PDF pages into an existing Acrobat document.

Lesson 10: Reordering Pages (Duration 03:07)

In this lesson RC goes over how to reorder an already existing Acrobat file.

Lesson 11: Adding a Bookmark (Duration 04:47)

Make it easy for your readers to get to the section they need to in a PDF document using a bookmark.

Lesson 12: Adding Hyperlinks (Duration 03:37)

Learn how to go to an external website right from inside of Acrobat using a PDf hyperlink.

Lesson 13: Editing Text/Adding Images (Duration 05:18)

Did you know you can add images and edit text using Acrobat Pro? In this lesson, RC Concepcion shows you how.

Lesson 14: Adding Articles (Duration 05:09)

Make it easier for your users to read large blocks of text using the Article tool.

Lesson 15: Adding Annotations / Notes and Drawings (Duration 03:00)

Document collaboratioin sould not be easier with the use of Annotation tools. RC shows you how.

Lesson 16: Securing Your Document (Duration 04:47)

Learn the ins and outs on securing your Acrobat PDF document with RC Concepcion.

Lesson 17: Creating a Form (Duration 03:51)

In this lesson, RC Concepcion goes over how to create a simple form in Adobe Acrobat.

Meet Your Instructor: RC Concepcion

RC is an education and curriculum developer and a “Photoshop Guy” for KelbyOne. An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has 10+ years in the I.T. and…

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  1. I found this course helpful to understand the power of Adobe Acrobat that I have used many times as a content consumer but not as a content creator. I noticed there are two editing errors: 1.At the start of "Adding Articles", there is a long pause and then RC introduces the video twice i.e. starts it again. It needs trimming from the beginning to the correct "In" point. 2. Similarly at the start of "Creating a Form", RC introduces it as Indesign and then loops back to restart it correctly referring to Acrobat. The intro referencing Indesign belongs in the "Out-takes" The only other thing I would add to the course is to extend the section on Forms to cover the typical use case of distributing to end users. To be more specific about the security settings that one should use for forms to be distributed to other people (RC mentioned it in passing in the Securing Your Document" but should be more explicit. And also a comment that loops back to whether a person with only Reader can fill in the forms and print or save the results and any gotchas. I know I can experiment with that, but it would be more complete to add one more section to the course to cover that off.

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