Photoshop World Live, with Scott Kelby

Join your fellow Photoshop users at Photoshop World and get the tools, training, and techniques to master this amazing piece of software

Join your fellow Photoshop users at Photoshop World and get the tools, training, and techniques to master this amazing piece of software

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 05:43)

NAPP's Executive Director Larry Becker invites you to take a glimpse into the all-star event that is Photoshop World

Lesson 2: Photoshop Tutorial by Scott Kelby (Duration 06:43)

Scott and the Photoshop Guys always tape a live show on the floor of the Photoshop World Expo

Lesson 3: Joe McNally Lighting Class (Duration 13:21)

Photographer Joe McNally is one of the many professionals that come to teach their craft at Photoshop World

Lesson 4: Matt Kloskowski Photoshop Class (Duration 10:07)

Here's a look at one of Matt's courses from the Photoshop track at Photoshop World

Lesson 5: After Hours Party (Duration 04:01)

Big Electric Cat provides the musical entertainment at the Photoshop World After Hours party

Lesson 6: Scott Kelby on Designing with Type (Duration 09:30)

This is a look into Scott's new Designing with Type class

Lesson 7: Felix Nelson on Digital Design (Duration 09:44)

There's another new course at Photoshop World, this one is from our Creative Director Felix Nelson

Lesson 8: The Tech Expo (Duration 08:32)

Larry walks around the floor of the Tech Expo and talks with some of the vendors

Lesson 9: Portfolio Reviews (Duration 03:25)

Any Photoshop World attendee can have their photographs reviewed by a professional

Lesson 10: Getting Some Legal Advice (Duration 04:00)

Attorney Ed Greenberg goes over the legalities of things like model releases

Lesson 11: Helene Glassman on Portfolio Reviews (Duration 02:41)

Photographer Helene Glassman talks about giving back through the process of portfolio review

Lesson 12: Learning From Dave Cross (Duration 09:37)

This is a look into a Photoshop course from instructor Dave Cross

Lesson 13: Matt Kloskowski Teaching Lightroom (Duration 16:54)

Matt teaches a Lightroom Basic Training class to get you started with the application

Lesson 14: Photography Rules from David Ziser (Duration 14:42)

Photographer David Ziser offers 60 Rules in 60 Minutes at Photoshop World

Lesson 15: Design Effects with Corey Barker (Duration 11:42)

Corey teaches a class named Earth, Wind, and Fire about creating elemental effects with Photoshop

Lesson 16: Midnight Madness (Duration 04:52)

RC walks around the outside of Photoshop World's late night trivia party

Lesson 17: Smooching Moose Peterson (Duration 04:07)

Wildlife Photographer Moose Peterson talks about his course at Photoshop World

Lesson 18: Putting It All Together (Duration 03:23)

Rod Harlan talks about what goes into putting on the keynote of the Photoshop World Conference

Lesson 19: Food Photography with Joe Glyda (Duration 11:39)

A look at Joe Glyda's Food Photography class at Photoshop World

Lesson 20: Black and Whites with Taz Tally (Duration 04:13)

Instructor Taz Tally talks about his black and white photography course

Lesson 21: Adobe Architects Interview (Duration 03:08)

RC interviews the real tech experts - the engineers that help create Photoshop

Lesson 22: Gear Guru Laurie Excell (Duration 03:04)

Larry sits down with instructor Laurie Excell and talks about some of her courses

Lesson 23: RC Interviews Jeff Schewe (Duration 04:15)

This legendary Photoshop writer talks about his current projects

Lesson 24: The Logistics of Getting Around (Duration 01:58)

RC walks the conference center floor and talks about how to find what you are looking for

Lesson 25: More From the Tech Expo (Duration 10:04)

Larry has more interviews with product vendors on the trade show floor

Lesson 26: Wrapping It Up (Duration 01:42)

A final look at all of the amazing things to experience at Photoshop World

Meet Your Instructor: Scott Kelby

Scott is the President and CEO of KelbyOne, is also the original “Photoshop Guy”, is the Cofounder and CEO of Kelby Media Group, the editor and publisher of Photoshop User…

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