Photoshop Elements 9 for Photographers By Larry Becker

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Photoshop Elements 9 for Photographers is an in-depth class loaded with detailed lessons to help photographers master the fine adjustments necessary to make their images look just right. If you’re more than a beginner, and you feel like the automatic ‘fixes’ Elements offers don’t give you enough control, then this class is for you! Larry Becker takes you through numerous exercises to show you how to fix everything from portraits to landscapes, he covers photo finishing, hard-to-select objects, compositing, color correction, printing, and much more. Watch this class and you’ll be amazed how much of a Photoshop Elements expert you become.

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Larry introduces himself and talks about what he will cover in the course.
Beginning with an understanding of why Camera Raw contains more information, Larry shows how to use the Basic panel sliders in Camera Raw to correct images.
Beyond the Basics panel are Detail adjustments and an option to select presets called Camera Profiles.
Larry corrects a JPEG image with a bad color cast using Camera Raw (and there's a secret to opening JPEGs as Camera Raw files.)
Without actually altering pixels of your image, you can make color correction improvements using Adjustment Layers
Larry goes through more of the Adjustment Layer options and describes what they all do. And then he shows how to make targeted adjustments using the built-in Layer Mask in an Adjustment Layer to spot correct.
This magical tool allows you to change the aspect ratio of an image and keep all the essential elements unchanged. Tips for making it work better and when it probably won't work at all.
Using Layer masks to collage 3 images into one.
Gettings started retouching portraits starts with retouching small skin imperfections that everybody has.
Fixing highlights, eyes, and teeth using adjustment layers and their layer mask.
Larry not only shows you the basics of dodging and burning but he has a method for working quickly and doing this edit on its own layer. Then he finishes with some skin smoothing.
In preparation for a compositing exercize, Larry shows how to correct the perspective of a background layer using the Lens Correction filter.
Removing a model from the background and placing her into a different environment using the Magic Extractor.
Matching the colors of elements from 2 different exposures helps to make a believable composite.
Some strategies for adding and controlling special effects using the various filters and photo finishing effects.
Using a Gradient Map adjustment layer, Larry shows you how to get a much better black and white image than simply desaturating the image.
Using the Smart Brush tool, automated fixes can be applied to specific areas of your images.
Blending multiple images automatically to create panoramas or exposure blending.
This module covers how to add vignettes for visual interest, creating a simulated matte, and adding rough painted borders.
Larry shows you the methods of sharpening that give you the most control.
Choosing the right options in the Save for Web dialog box.
Make sure you have the right resolution for output and then go through all the settings in the Print dialog box.
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