From Photo to Graphic Art, with Lesa Snider

Lesa will show you how to quickly and easily turn ordinary photos into unique pieces of graphic art.

Lesa will show you how to quickly and easily turn ordinary photos into unique pieces of graphic art.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:44)

From Photo to Graphic Art

Lesson 2: Partial Color Effect (Duration 06:46)

Accentuate your focal point by draining color from an image and bringing it back in one area.

Lesson 3: Faded Color Effect (Duration 03:51)

Using a gradient mask to fade an image from grayscale to color.

Lesson 4: Colorizing a Black and White Photo (Duration 07:57)

How to add color where there was none.

Lesson 5: Sepia-tone With Burned Edges (Duration 03:22)

Add a non-destructive color tint and finish it off with an Olan Mills style dark-edged vignette.

Lesson 6: Blurring the Background (Duration 07:05)

Using the lens blur filter to produce a selective focus effect similar to that of a tilt lens.

Lesson 7: From Photo to Pencil Sketch (Duration 07:40)

How to turn a photo into a beautiful pencil sketch; also great for saving sub-par images!

Lesson 8: Realistic Reflections (Duration 05:57)

Give your image depth by adding a reflection beneath it.

Lesson 9: Ornamental Vector Photo Frame (Duration 08:49)

How to make a non-destructive, creative, resizable photo frame by placing an illustration as a smart object.

Lesson 10: Filtered and Painted Edges (Duration 02:42)

Using filters and brushes to make interesting photo edges, plus how to paste stock art into a layer mask.

Lesson 11: Real World Picture Frames (Duration 10:07)

How to easily pop a photo into a real-world, digital picture frame, tilting it, adding a drop shadow and a new background.

Lesson 12: Combining Images, Part 1 (Duration 07:19)

Fading an image into another. The world's easiest non-destructive collage technique using a gradient mask.

Lesson 13: Combining Images, Part 2 (Duration 06:25)

Background Swaps - Using blending modes to zap white backgrounds.

Lesson 14: Combining Images, Part 3 (Duration 06:34)

Grunge Collage - Creating a multi-layered collage with nary a selection, just blending modes!

Lesson 15: Combining Images, Part 4 (Duration 09:06)

Mapping an image to the contours of another and creating a digital body using a displacement map.

Lesson 16: Turning a Photo Into Stone (Duration 06:52)

Using the Quick Selection tool and a layer mask to turn loved ones into statues.

Lesson 17: High Contrast, Part 1 (Duration 05:47)

Che Guevara effect - Recreating the famous revolutionary's high-contrast face on a red background.

Lesson 18: High Contrast, Part 2 Warhol-Style Portrait (Duration 08:02)

Just like the pop artist. Let's learn how to create this effect.

Lesson 19: Warhol-Style Portrait - continued (Duration 07:37)

Painting color blocks onto a high-contrast face, and setting up a document for a 3 x 3 poster.

Lesson 20: Breaking a Photo Into Pieces (Duration 07:22)

Setting up a spatter brush to use with a layer mask.

Lesson 21: Aging a Photo (Duration 09:22)

Antiquing, streaking, and adding blotches to photos to take them back in time.

Lesson 22: Eyes of the Otherworld (Duration 04:58)

Selecting and accentuating eyes the non-destructive way.

Lesson 23: Conclusion (Duration 00:42)

From Photo to Graphic Art

Meet Your Instructor: Lesa Snider

Lesa Snider, internationally acclaimed author and speaker, is on a mission to teach the world to create better graphics. She’s the author of several books including the best-selling series, Photoshop:…

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  1. This is most useful photoshop course that you have. Its clear and step by step. The instructor is one of the best in explaining each step and the logic behind it. I would like to purchase this one for future reference. You should allow a couple of free downloads for each annual subscription.

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