A Beginners Guide to Photographing Christmas Morning By Pete Collins

25 min
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Join Pete Collins for this special holiday class that is all about taking those Christmas photos on Christmas morning. If you just got a brand new DSLR camera and you want to learn how to make your photos better, sharper, faster, and not drive your family crazy while you do it, then this class is for you!

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Pete provides an overview of what is covered in this class.
Taking the family portrait on Christmas morning can be a challenge. Pete gives you some tips for keeping it as stress-free as possible.
Keeping it simple will help you get the shots you want without too much fuss.
With a little tweaking you can make the pop-up flash on your camera a lot more useful when shooting in low light situations.
To take your flash photography to the next level you'll want to invest in a hot shoe flash.
Taking your flash off the camera provides an extra dimension to your flash photography.
Pete wraps up the class with a few tips on taking additional detail shots to enhance your seasonal photo album.
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Pete Collins is a "Photoshop Guy" with KelbyOne. He's a designer and photographer who has extensive wedding, events, stock, commercial, portraits experience. Not just an eye for grabbing a great shot, but the technical know-how to turn a good shot into a great one. Pete's Photoshop and post-processing skills can turn any picture idea t...


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