Photoshop CS6: Design Features, with Pete Collins

Photoshop CS6 has loads of new design features from the way it handles type to new vector layers.

Photoshop CS6 has loads of new design features from the way it handles type to new vector layers. Understanding all of the various functions geared towards the designer will allow you to become more creative and effective. In this class, Pete Collins, co-host of PhotoshopUserTV, will provide in depth tips and tricks on all of the ways CS6 can make your life much easier.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:58)

Welcome to an overview of the new design features in Photoshop CS6

Lesson 2: Blur gallery part 1:Field blur and Iris blur (Duration 04:07)

In the first of two lessons, we will look at Field blur and Iris blus and how they can enhance your designs.

Lesson 3: Blur gallery part 2:Tilt shift and blur effects (Duration 05:20)

In the second of two lessons we will see how to incorporate Tilt-shift and Blur effects into our design workflow.

Lesson 4: Brushes part 1: Static, Bristle and Airbrushes (Duration 04:54)

We will look at three of the brush types in CS6 and show how each one works.

Lesson 5: Brushes part 2: Erodible and Mixer (Duration 05:04)

Starting with the brand new Erodible brushes and then highlighting the mixer brush features, we will look at how these can be used to create brand new looks for your designs.

Lesson 6: 3D overview (Duration 04:08)

3D is now faster and easier to use… and we will take a quick look at how it is no longer scary to work with.

Lesson 7: Lighting Effects (Duration 04:32)

Lighting Effects has ben revived with more power and an easier interface to work with. We will look at how it works and what is its potential.

Lesson 8: Vector Layers (Duration 02:36)

For most designers that use Photoshop, just letting you know that you can make simple dotted and dashed lines easily will make you happy. Pete will show you how easy it is.

Lesson 9: Oil Paint Filter (Duration 03:26)

Once a hidden plug-in, Oil paint has now made it as a real filter. We will look at how it works and I will give you some tips on what it works best on.

Lesson 10: Text enhancements (Duration 04:04)

For the text saavy designer, the ability to add Character and Paragraph styles is going to be a great thing… couple that with better text and font handling and the abiltiy to generate Lorem Ipsum text and this is a winner.

Lesson 11: Groups and Layer Styles (Duration 03:07)

Organizing and being able to make global adjustments to layers and groups is pretty darn handy. We will look at how CS6 makes your work just a little easier.

Lesson 12: Background and Autosave (Duration 03:28)

Autosave… need we say more. This feature alone will save you so much time and frustration. Couple that with background saving of files and you stress level just decreased.

Lesson 13: Conclusion (Duration 00:23)

Thanks for watching. Hope you learned a lot

Meet Your Instructor: Pete Collins

Pete Collins is a "Photoshop Guy" with KelbyOne. He's a designer and photographer who has extensive wedding, events, stock, commercial, portraits experience. Not just an eye for grabbing a great…

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