Paint Like A Master, with Fay Sirkis

Turn your digital portraits and panoramas into masterpieces that mimic the oil and watercolor styles of Great Masters like Rembrandt, Monet, and Norman Rockwell.

Turn your digital portraits and panoramas into masterpieces that mimic the oil and watercolor styles of Great Masters like Rembrandt, Monet, and Norman Rockwell.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Analyze Your Image (Duration 07:06)

How to decide what look you want for your painting.

Lesson 2: The Sandwich (Duration 13:45)

Retouch your image using the Sandwich Technique.

Lesson 3: Final Preparation (Duration 07:43)

Preparing the face for painting.

Lesson 4: Wacom Tablets (Duration 08:35)

Customizing your table for digital painting.

Lesson 5: Painter X (Duration 07:25)

What's New In Painter X

Lesson 6: Painter X Interface (Duration 08:21)

An overview of the Painter X Interface.

Lesson 7: The Cloners (Duration 12:35)

Learn the secrets of the Clone Brushes.

Lesson 8: The Blenders (Duration 06:22)

Learn to use the blenders to transform your pixels into paint strokes.

Lesson 9: Watercolors (Duration 11:52)

Get started creating your watercolor masterpiece.

Lesson 10: Custom Pallets (Duration 09:11)

Learn to create your own custom pallets and save them for future use.

Lesson 11: Custom Workspace (Duration 11:19)

Learn to use the custom pallets you created to create a custom workspace.

Lesson 12: Shadow and Highlights (Duration 09:49)

Learn to add shadows and highlights to make your painting pop.

Lesson 13: Details (Duration 04:38)

Add details to your painting to create depth and separation.

Lesson 14: Portrait Hair Brushes (Duration 11:14)

Using the portrait hair brushes Fay shows you how to paint hair and add highlights.

Lesson 15: Portrait Faces (Duration 12:29)

Get started working on a portrait in this lesson.

Lesson 16: Mary Cassatt (Duration 11:31)

Learn to paint in the style of Mary Cassatt.

Lesson 17: Rembrandt (Duration 13:20)

Learn to paint in the style of Rembrandt.

Lesson 18: Real Bristle Brushes (Duration 13:59)

Learn all about the new Brush category real bristle brushes.

Lesson 19: Autopainting Part 1 (Duration 11:37)

Get started with photopainting.

Lesson 20: Autopainting Part 2 (Duration 14:42)

Restoring Details to your painting.

Lesson 21: Renoir (Duration 08:30)

Create an autopainting in the style of Renoir.

Lesson 22: Cassatt (Duration 03:06)

Create an autopainting in the style of Mary Cassatt.

Lesson 23: Monet (Duration 07:36)

Create an autopainting with the style of Monet.

Meet Your Instructor: Fay Sirkis

Fay Sirkis is an internationally recognized portrait artist, photographer and instructor who speaks at seminars both in the U.S. and in Europe. A New York based contemporary digital artist with…


  1. Fay's training is just wonderful! I have all her DVD's from you except Paint Like a Master which must be sold out, but because I keep renewing Kelby Training it is available to me anyway. You have made giant improvements since I first signed up in November 2009. I have not trouble connecting, finding what I want, and keeping up with all the new programs, which I watch unless I have no interest in them is rare as it seems there is always something for to learn. The instructors are awesome, especially Matt K, Corey Baker, Dave Cross, and all the photographers, which is my focus. Thanks for being there for me and everyone.

  2. Fay Sirkis does beautiful work and is an excellent instructor. I am enjoying this detailed series very much, and continue to go back over previous clips as there is a lot to learn. I hope to see more of Fay's classes added to Kelby Training in the future.

  3. Would like to try out the techniques in this course, but the download for the class does not include the workspace for Painter, and the brushes do not seem to import. I'm sure I'm probably doing something wrong, but I don't know what.

  4. The course is great but I am also having trouble with the download files. I haven't been able to install the brushes and the download does not include the customized workspace that she uses to teach. Otherwise the course is great but I wish I had her brushes to practice some of the techniques.

    • July 17, 2014 This is the way I installed the brushes. Unzip and open the brush file. I have a PC. Each brush has a matching JPEG. (Mary Cassatt and Mary Cassatt.JPEG) Copy both and paste into the Painter Brushes13Brushes Folder or the Painter version that you have. To get to this folder, follow this path. c drive>program files>corel>painter13/brushes>painter13brushes I tried copying and pasting the folder, but did not work for me . I had to copy and paste each brush with its jpeg file one brush at a time. Make sure Painter is closed and open after the copy and paste. The brushes should be at bottom of category list. Hope this helps VERY IMPORTANT: Do not put the brushes and jpegs in the BRUSHES folder. They go in painter13 brushes folder. Elizabeth

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