Layer Masking Essentials By Aaron Grimes

1 hr 20 min

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Loosely based in Los Angeles, Aaron Grimes is a filmmaker who spends most of his time on the road. Specializing in Aerial Photography his work has been featured on 60 Minutes, The Weather Channel, Right This Minute, as well as online through Gizmodo, Time, and Adobe’s blog. While aerial photography is not his primary focus the equipment...


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  1. Profile photo of vzonwebdesign vzonwebdesign

    Hello my name is Israel Rodriguez I liked the seminar in Chicago IL. I learned things that I think I know that time I didn’t put much attention in which the return to see if imported and works faster. I’ve been working with JPG in my work and projects in the seminar see another application called RAW. what is the difference between the two in which JPG I can work with adjustmen.

  2. Profile photo of Gretchen Paschky Gretchen Paschky

    I need to download “Layer Masking Essentials” from the Chicago show. I tried and was told the the link had expired. Can you help?
    Gretchen Paschky

  3. Profile photo of monty.may monty.may

    So far the tutorial is very helpful in teaching layer masks. Aaron Grimes is mistakenly credited with presenting this tutorial. The presenter is R. C. Concepcion.

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