Photoshop In Depth: Brushes By Pete Collins

1 hr 10 min

Brushes are some of the most powerful tools in Photoshop and yet all those settings and options can be a challenge. In this class you will learn about each type of brush and take the guess work out of how to use them.

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Pete Collins is a "Photoshop Guy" with KelbyOne. He's a designer and photographer who has extensive wedding, events, stock, commercial, portraits experience. Not just an eye for grabbing a great shot, but the technical know-how to turn a good shot into a great one. Pete's Photoshop and post-processing skills can turn any picture idea t...


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  1. Profile photo of Rick Baker Rick Baker

    Great overview. I have played around with Illustrator a couple times but never really got into it. This overview will help. I hope there will be a follow-up course.

  2. Profile photo of Francesca Hughes Francesca Hughes

    Great class! It wasn’t as extensive as Matt’s Photoshop CC class on Monday, however, I still learnt a number of things here. One thing I will mention, found it hard to follow on a number of occasions as there was no cursor shown so I couldn’t fully follow where you were clicking on certain menus, but other than that it was a really great watch. Thank you.
    – Fran //

  3. Profile photo of

    Yes! Now I understand the pen tool!

  4. Profile photo of MJS624 MJS624

    I had the same issue as Francesca, I found very difficult to follow at times, especially the pen tool section since the curser was not visible.