Photoshop In Depth: Paths and Shapes, with Pete Collins

Paths and Shapes are powerful tools in a Designer's arsenal.

Paths and Shapes are powerful tools in a Designer’s arsenal. Understanding what they are and how they work will open up new design opportunities and enhance your creative workflow.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:32)

Lesson 2: Introduction to Paths (Duration 01:51)

Lesson 3: Make a Square (Duration 05:21)

Lesson 4: Make a Circle (Duration 03:15)

Lesson 5: Organize and Combine (Duration 08:41)

Lesson 6: Paths Panel (Duration 04:57)

Lesson 7: Select Tools (Duration 09:33)

Lesson 8: Custom Shapes (Duration 06:09)

Lesson 9: Pen Tool Workout (Duration 04:56)

Lesson 10: Trace an Object (Duration 07:06)

Lesson 11: Vector Masks (Duration 06:18)

Lesson 12: Conclusion (Duration 00:19)

Meet Your Instructor: Pete Collins

Pete Collins is a "Photoshop Guy" with KelbyOne. He's a designer and photographer who has extensive wedding, events, stock, commercial, portraits experience. Not just an eye for grabbing a great…

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