Photoshop In Depth: Layers By Matt Kloskowski

1 hr 13 min

Layers are the key to unlocking the power in Photoshop. Once you get past the basics, you’ll find everything you do is on a layer. In this course, Matt goes over the ins and outs of the Layers panel and shows you exactly what each feature does.

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Matt Kloskowski

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Matt is the full-time Director of Education for Kelby Media Group and a Tampa-based photographer. He's the Editor-in-Chief of Lightroom Magazine, the lead instructor on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom LIVE Seminar Tour and author of several best-selling Photoshop books. Matt also hosts the world's top Lightroom blog,

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  1. Profile photo of IndreBoth IndreBoth

    Loved the Intro to Photoshop for Photographers. So looking forward to watching more of your videos. You broke down a program that I’ve been terrified to approach (using Lightroom 4) so thank you. I know I’m at the tip of the iceberg here but feel confident I can start learning it more in depth now :)

  2. Profile photo of peberg peberg

    Extremely helpful and easy to understand video. Matt is the the best teacher. I finally understand how to use layers and it has made a huge difference in my work.

  3. Profile photo of beamairye beamairye

    I have been editing my photography in Lightroom for the past 3 years, now that I’m getting into product photography and design I needed to learn photoshop. I bought the photoshop CC pack yesterday and this coarse an hour later. It has been great. Photoshop is so big with infinite possibilities, focusing on one portion at a time is the key to not getting overwhelmed. I was able to do the basic edits I needed for my product launch with the knowledge from this video. It was very digestible. Now on to blend modes.

  4. Profile photo of karthiu karthiu

    It is one of the must watch tutorial before getting to other photoshop image editing tutorials. Previously I kind of get lost when talking about layers in other image editing courses, now I can follow them better. Thanks Matt.