Four Seasons: Winter By Fay Sirkis

44 min
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This is the last season of Fay’s series. In this video, Fay teaches viewers about creating winter images, starting with a snow-covered peak, then moving on to a beautiful bridge in Central Park, and finally, an outdoor scene from an English village. Follow along and learn how to create beautiful Photoshop paintings from winter images.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

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Fay Sirkis


Fay Sirkis is an internationally recognized portrait artist, photographer and instructor who speaks at seminars both in the U.S. and in Europe. A New York based contemporary digital artist with a background in traditional fine art Fay attended the Pratt School of Professional Studies in New York City, where she became certified in graphic...

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  1. Profile photo of cd32919 cd32919

    I seem to be having the same problem, using windows 7, with only tpl file. Can you assist? Thanks.

  2. Profile photo of Steve Hamilton Steve Hamilton

    Course files. Are these files suitable to use with a Windows OS? I’m using Windows 7. I am having problems loading these downloaded files. The only file it give me is FAYS FOUR SEASONS BRUSH PRESETS which shows as a TPL file. I can’t seem to find an ABR file in the download. Can you help me with this? My email address is

  3. Profile photo of Steve Hamilton Steve Hamilton

    Fay, I loved your Four Seasons Winter Tutorial. Are the brushes you used in this class provided in the Download files and will they work on a PC? Windows 7


    Steve Hamilton

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