Master Black & White Landscape Photography, with Moose Peterson

Pull on your big coat and join Moose Peterson on the stormy Oregon coast for inspiration and new ideas on how to create your own black and white masterpieces.

Bad weather makes great photographs! Pull on your big coat and join Moose Peterson on the stormy Oregon coast for inspiration and new ideas on how to create your own black and white masterpieces. Moose has a long history and a strong passion for black and white photography, and he shares his wisdom as he walks you through the steps he takes, from planning to pre-visualization and from capture to post-processing. You’re sure to leave the class itching to get outside in any kind of weather to practice what you’ve learned.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:23)

Join Moose on the Oregon coast as he introduces the class.

Lesson 2: Using Filters (Duration 05:33)

Filters can be used to build contrast in our black and white photographs.

Lesson 3: What Makes a Good Black and White? (Duration 06:45)

Black and white photography is one of the most romantic realms in photography. It can bring out emotion, character, and stories in a single frame.

Lesson 4: Trying Different Techniques (Duration 11:12)

After planning your trip (choosing times, location, time of year, etc.), you may want to explore different possibilities for creating black and white photographs through the use of different shutter speeds, lens filters, and post processing techniques.

Lesson 5: Enhancing Definition (Duration 04:23)

Paying attention to how you can enhance the subtleties in your photographs can make all the difference in the final photo.

Lesson 6: Composing for Black and White (Duration 09:43)

Visualizing the scene in black and white is critical to how you will compose a black and white photograph.

Lesson 7: Basic Processing (Duration 10:11)

Moose shares his starting place for processing raw photos in Adobe Camera Raw (same steps for Lightroom) before moving into Silver Efex Pro.

Lesson 8: Advanced Camera Raw Processing (Duration 09:26)

Every black and white photograph is different and will require a different approach. Moose moves beyond the basics in Camera Raw before moving to Silver Efex Pro.

Lesson 9: Processing the Lighthouse (Duration 09:47)

The way you pre-visualized the black and white photo will guide you through your post processing steps.

Meet Your Instructor: Moose Peterson

A Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, Lexar Elite Photographer, recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award, Research Associate with the Endangered Species Recovery Program, published in over 130 magazines worldwide,…


  1. Just finished watching Moose's course on Black & White Outdoor Photography. It was great! Very straight forward and a lot of very useful tips and advice. Thanks Moose

  2. This course was one of the best landscape ones I've seen so far. Moose kept it very simple and it was interesting to see how he interpreted his vision at the point of capture into his final image.

  3. Black and white conversion adds another dimension to our photographic thinking not to mention post processing. For those who travel with groups and can't always be at the right place at a magic hour, black and white gives us one more chance to make a meaningful image. Moose makes this look simple and inviting and then reminds us of detail importance in cleaning up the image. Thanks for one of my favorite Moose videos.

  4. Great course, Moose! But I went NUTS waiting for the fire to burn down a bit! Like waiting for the cigar ash to fall! But I finally got my attention back to the RAW processing and learned a lot!

  5. I love Moose Peterson's outdoor photography classes. Just finished watching this one on Black & White photography, and watching parts of it again.

  6. Wonderful tips and style of presentation. He is a gentle "moose" and doesn't have to throw his weight around. I will watch parts of this over and over again until they become second nature for some of my own images. Thanks!

  7. Great! To the point and inspirational. Not how I take and process images but it shows me another way of doing and thinking, which is really what learning is all about! Thanks Moose!!

  8. Thanks, Moose - this video was interesting, informative, fun and a visual delight. It also gave me an insight into a beautiful area of the world.

  9. In Sept. 2013 we are going on a 4 week Nat. Parks trip. Starting in Vegas. I planned on converting some of the photos to black and white. I did download the Google software, I did add this to my favorites. I will use this for the pictures that I think will look better in black and white. Great course, great instructor easy to follow and under stand.

  10. As every landscape course by Moose Peterson...just great ! During the first part when Moose photographs different scenes you can feel his emotions through the internet. Amazing and very motivating! I like how he uses the tools in the second part. Highly recommended from Switzerland.

  11. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Very useful, although I would prefer it not be oriented so much to a particular tool. I would like more like this (shooting and processing B&W), but deeper. But not mystical, metaphysical.

  12. THANK YOU for this! Loved seeing Moose's editing techniques and the intro to using Nik Silver Efex. Gathering bits and pieces of workflow from all of the incredible professionals on KelbyOne has not only been an invaluable resource for me in my career, but an inspirational experience for me as an artist. I'm going to strive to, as Moose put it here, take my passion and stick it in my pixels ^_^

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