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Moose goes on safari! With a career studying and photographing wildlife for over three decades, Moose has his first African safari and you’ve got a front row seat. Join Moose as he encounters the wide array of wildlife that calls the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa home. Moose shares his take on the gear he brought along with his tips and techniques for capturing images that help tell the story of your trip.

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Join Moose as he arrives at the game reserve and gets oriented to this amazing location.
Moose goes over the personal and photographic gear to consider when going on safari.
Heading out on their first trip into the bush Moose encounters Giraffe and starts to learn more about the reserve.
Moving on from the giraffe heard the safari encounters a family of elephants.
Further out in the bush the group finds a leopard and learns a bit more about how individual leopards can be identified.
Landscape photography in Africa is one more way to help you tell the story of your trip. Working with your guide will help you be prepared for being in the right spot to include critters in your landscape shots.
As the group traverses the river they encounter a huge herd of Cape buffalo.
Searching for lion the group encounters a pack of hyena.
The next animal encountered is a herd of zebra.
The rhinoceros is a truly iconic animal of Africa, and the group is lucky to have found one.
This reserve is home to 4 or 5 wild dog packs.
A baboon family makes an appearance on their morning routine.
A wide array of birds call this reserve home, from kingfisher to vulture.
Including photos of the important people on your trip is also important to telling the story.
An African safari is not complete without seeing a pride of lions.
Join Moose as he wraps up the class with a fond farewell.
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A Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, Lexar Elite Photographer, recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award, Research Associate with the Endangered Species Recovery Program, published in over 130 magazines worldwide, author of 23 books, and lecturing across the country to thousands upon thousands of photographers barely covers the work and go...

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  1. Profile photo of Terry Gardner Terry Gardner

    Thanks Moose for a great African Safari. And thanks Kelbyone for sending Adam along to film this wonderful adventure. You captured the true spirit of the animals and their habitat.

  2. Profile photo of briandowney briandowney

    Lions and tigers and bears : D Any way loved the lessons and welcome to my home country Moose ! – my only concern is that it sounded like a war zone with all of those big budget, high f.p.s. cameras rapid firing away, where has the old art of photography gone ? now days it seems kinda like dropping a stick of dynamite in the pond and then scooping up and then showing off the biggest and best fish that float to the top, or firing a machine gun into a crown and then claiming sniper status – spray and pray photography – lets occasionally set our cameras back to single shot so that we can earn the bragging rights to our photos – just a thought, use it …. or not. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  3. Profile photo of Cmack Cmack

    An absolutely wonderful excursion Moose & team! Would love to see you guys do a South American bird series next.

  4. Profile photo of thegaijin thegaijin

    Fantastic. Loved this one.

  5. Profile photo of Ross Ross

    Terrific presentation. I was in South Africa in 2002 and it is sad to learn of the declining populations. The video series is very informative, less photographic and more of a National Geographic feel, that I think enhances it. Mr. Peterson plainly cares about the ecology, and the rangers sharing of knowledge is very helpful. Very well done, and emphasizes that I need to get back to Africa before too long.

  6. Profile photo of hbryer hbryer

    Awesome production, Moose, Adam and Kelbyone. I grew up in Jo’burg, SA, visited Kruger Park many times as a kid. I have been in the US for over 20yrs and had the fortunate opportunity to take my family (American born) back to visit last year. We visited Sabi Sands Reserve where Mala Mala is located and had an fantastic two days (a week would have been great but gets prohibitively expensive). You guys brought back wonderful memories and captured the essence of this jewel. It should be a bucket list item for everyone. Thanks for sharing your experience in such a great production.

  7. Profile photo of Danielle Lewis Danielle Lewis

    Another excellent class, Moose, with your usual spot-on advice!

    On the recommendation of friends, I rented the 80-VR II for my African Safari last year and I truly loved the lens. However, not being a wildlife photographer I did miss some shots and would’ve wished for some of your tips from this class. Ah, maybe time…

  8. Profile photo of Tom Tom

    Great job, Moose and company. These recorded live shoots are really informative and fun to watch. Now I know I don’t have to travel to Africa to take photos. I can just go to the many zoos in the US and save my money to get my fix.

    1. Profile photo of drmckay drmckay

      Hi Tom, they did a good job showing what it is like but there is a vast difference between the zoo animals and the wild animals, I know it is expensive I had to scrimp and save to go but I have been to Africa 3 different times, mainly in the Masai Mara area, the video can not impart the smells and sounds and overall experience that being there imparts. I know you can save money by going to the zoo and you should that is a good way to practice your photography with animals, but it is not just about photographing animals it is the experience. It is worth every hard earned cent. I am headed to Capetown South Africa to do a video shoot and I hope I will be able to find the time to make it to Kruger and Mala Mala.

  9. Profile photo of Tauratinzwe Tauratinzwe

    Thank you for this. It makes me so homesick. I spent around 20 years living in Africa. Unfortunately, at that time digital photography didn’t exist. Film was hard to find and expensive and processing was hit or miss where I lived. I missed so many shots because I couldn’t shoot many bursts and ran out of film at the worst possible times. I dream of returning, but it is unlikely I’ll be able to afford to go back. Now, at least, I can enjoy your safari. My wife has no interest in photography, but she is going to be thrilled to see this course when I let her at the computer. Thank you, once again.

    1. Profile photo of Ajna Adams Ajna Adams

      Thanks for sharing! =)

  10. Profile photo of Arthur Arthur

    Adam did great job, it was just Adam, sound work and the video, amazing, I love music selection for Lions,what a great team Moose and Adam. I know Adam is very busy, is there Chance we will see the Video side on this trip. Moose is just Great!!!!!!!!!!!! I have worked to put video and the photos( I love side bar treatment) together is show for a 6 foot screen. Thank you all at kelbyone for Great Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Profile photo of jimtuten jimtuten

    This class is a Great production. Moose’s instructions and the conversation with the rangers are entertaining and informative. The only drawback is the African buffalos were misidentified in the title of lesson 7. There are no water buffalos roaming wild in Africa. Water buffalos are an Asian animal. The buffalos in South Africa are African Buffalos or, the sub-species, Cape buffalo. But overall, this is a great lesson.

  12. Profile photo of Martin Kirstein Martin Kirstein

    This one really touch my heart, Moose visiting my country and the wildlife that’s near to my heart. I wish I could be on the safari with Moose

  13. Profile photo of johnnypanic johnnypanic

    Moose and Kelbyone, thank you, for sharing this wonderful insight into an African safari. Entertaining, educational and thought provoking. Who could ask for more!

  14. Profile photo of JMHSPhoto JMHSPhoto

    The staff from KelbyOne that captured this course did a snap job — full stop. Huge thanks to those videographers / sound / editors.

  15. Profile photo of Karen Karen

    Fantastic course! Highly recommend.

  16. Profile photo of John Mattson John Mattson

    Typical Moose job. Outstanding. I did not mind not hearing about gear, because of the information relative to the environment and animals.

  17. Profile photo of Ronald Diel Ronald Diel

    Moose, great course as usual. I love the fact that your wildlife courses go beyond the technical / photographic techniques to include more of an understanding and empathy for the animals being photographed. Not only does that enrich our enjoyment of the places when we go, it improves our photography because we can get into the heads of our subjects to anticipate the locations and behaviors that make for the best shots. Once again, thanks for the great class!

  18. Profile photo of Luke Luke

    btw I didn’t expect to learn that about Giraffes about the blood rushing to their head that is interesting

  19. Profile photo of Glenn Glenn

    Nice job on this, Moose/Kelbyone, etc.

  20. Profile photo of bcard bcard

    Very Enjoyable, even if I never make it to Africa.

  21. Profile photo of

    Perfect! I’ve been waiting patiently to see this one, from the master, himself!

  22. Profile photo of Luke Luke

    Very interesting class. I have not been a landscape or wildlife photographer but its a skill and requires knowledge because you have to know animal behaviors not only to make better images but for safety. Great class moose. The funnies clips were seeing heyennas looking up, and flopping their heads back down… great watch

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