The Making of Times Square: Part 1 By Bert Monroy

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Digital painter Bert Monroy, who uses Photoshop and Illustrator to create realistic images, describes the processes used when making his painting of Times Square.

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Comparing the Damen painting to this new project of Times Square
Bert begins the Times Square project by merging a series of photos and creating a reference for perspective in Illustrator
Collecting reference images and beginning the stone textured facade
Creating texture and dimension for each brick in the facade
Structuring documents and bringing them together
Examining the layers and other elements that make up the lamppost
Relying on reference material to create this element in the painting
There is a lot of detail involved in this sign and it all starts with Illustrator
Breaking down all that goes into creating the image of Shrek
Using images to help add the details to the face
Creating the vest using masks and filters
Starting with basic shapes and building from there
Using pictures as reference, creating basic shapes in Illustrator and adding detail in Photoshop
Creating a 3D bolt using layers and layer styles
Bringing 2D signs created in Illustrator into a 3D perspective in Photoshop
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Bert Monroy is considered one of the pioneers of digital art. His work has been seen in many magazines and scores of books. He has served on the faculty of many well known institutions, lectured around the world, written many books and appeared on hundreds of TV shows....

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