Getting Started with Bridge CC By Mia McCormick

30 min
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Adobe Bridge CC is a central hub for all of your projects and their pieces to live. It’s an application designed to help you quickly find files and organize them into projects and collections. Mia McCormick will introduce you to the application and show you how to attach information to your files like ratings, color labels and metadata.

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Mia McCormick introduces us to Brigde and how it can help organize your files.
A look at the preset workspaces in Bridge and how to create a custom workspace and save it.
Mia goes over how to find files with the folders tab and how to create projects for the files in the favorites tab.
We look at the two main ways to navigate through your files in Bridge, using the breadcrumb trail or forward/backward arrows.
The content tab shows the content of each folder, Mia will show you how it can be customized for your specific viewing preferences.
Mia walks you through review mode, which allows you to look at a group of files in a full screen carousel so you can narrow down a decision between images or files.
Mia shows you how ratings and color labels can be added to files to help organize them into groups and make them easier to locate later.
Batch rename is a commonly used function to rename a group of files at one time. Mia shows you how to do it in Bridge.
Metadata is information that can be added to files to help identify and locate them, including important copyright information. Mia shows you how to use it.
Keywords are another way to add information to your files to help with organization and identification. Mia explains how to use the keywords tab.
Mia demonstrates how using filters can help you locate a file in just a few minutes and save you from digging through folders for it.
Storing frequently used files in one place, will save time when you're building projects. Mia explains how to use the collections tab for this purpose.
When your project is complete, Bridge has two output options. Mia will walk you through how to install those outputs and what they are.
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