Hollywood Portraiture and Film Noir Photography, with Mike Kubeisy

Discover how to shoot outstanding Hollywood styled head shots using detailed lighting and posing techniques with celebrity photographer, Mike Kubeisy.

Discover how to shoot outstanding Hollywood styled head shots using detailed lighting and posing techniques with celebrity photographer, Mike Kubeisy. Mike takes you from start to finish, setup to final image. Learn to shoot outdoor portraits, theatrical indoor head shots, dramatically lit 1930′s Film Noir style photography, and more. Mike shares his best tips and tricks of the trade, giving you the skills to achieve stunning Hollywood photographic effects!

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Outdoor Lighting and Location (Duration 07:42)

Choose the right background to flatter the photo with Mike as he tours a Florida park with model Skipper to find the best portrait location for dappled light and deep tonality.

Lesson 2: Manipulating Outdoor Light (Duration 11:43)

Mike manipulates the ambience using quarter silks, china silks and poly silks to diffuse the light, and explores critical Hollywood model posing to obtain the best shot to sell the subject.

Lesson 3: Consumer Equipment Shots (Duration 02:17)

Mike re-stages the outdoor headshot with Skipper to demonstrate how to obtain an excellent outcome using strictly consumer equipment.

Lesson 4: Indoor Theatrical Lighting (Duration 09:33)

Join Mike and Skipper back in the studio to create interior shots with a theatrical effect using gradiated light effects offering detailed set-up tips.

Lesson 5: Hollywood Noir Sets and Lighting (Duration 11:25)

Mike demonstrates how to create the perfect ambient setting for an old fashioned 1930's Film Noir shot with set using lighting and props and special posing for model Carolina.

Lesson 6: Hollywood Noir Posing and Shooting (Duration 06:51)

Mike delves deeper into the technical side of Film Noir photography as he achieves pronouced harsh shadows and offers important aspects of Carolina's wardrobe and facial posing to achieve the perfect 1930's shot.

Meet Your Instructor: Mike Kubeisy

From crime scenes to war zones, Hollywood celebrities and family portraits, Michael Kubeisy's cameras have shot it all since 1984, as a Motion Picture and Television Stills Photographer. He is…


  1. Mike Kubeisy is an excellent addition to the KelbyTraining program! Mike brings a fresh perspective with valuable pro shooting tips most all photographers can benefit from. Mike's presentation has clarity and substance. Please do more training videos with Mike.

  2. Wow! Fantastic course. Mike Kubeisy is obviously a real professional and a great instructor as well. It was pitched perfectly with the right amount of information skilfully presented. I learned a lot, and loved it all. Can we have more from this fantastic photographer please?

  3. This was a great lesson. Particularly liked the studio session and would love to see more "Hollywood" type portrait work. Mike is a very good presenter.

  4. Thanks for this course!!! I've never tried this style of shooting and it really helped getting some ideas!!! Mike did a great job showing so many great ideas!!!! It's so helpful seeing all the different styles and methods from different photographers. Each brings a unique style of which we can learn from and incorporate into our own photography. Great job Kelby Training!!!!!! It's these type of things that keep me subscribing!!! Keep up the good work!

  5. This was a super great lesson. Each segment was presented in a way that's easily understandable for me. The studio session was great. But the on-location segment was the best for me. That said, it would be great to have more on on-location lessons by this wonderful photographer.

  6. Wow!!!! Mike was a superb instructor. His way of teaching was simple and straight forward and his photos did not disappoint. I think it would've been better if had been shown B&W pictures from the beginning of the Noir section instead of color so we could've seen the contrast he was trying to achieve a little better without the distraction of color. Well done!! Please bring him again.

  7. Mike did a great job of explaining every detail and step of what he did for these images. He is a great instructor who doesn't talk down to his audience. He should teach more lessons at Photoshop World. The only draw back was that you let Vanelli sit around on the couch in the background instead of having him help Mike out with the shoot. It works though because they are both great individuals who are willing to share their knowledge with everyone they meet. Another great lesson from Kelbytraining, keep them coming it helps out alot for those of us still trying to learn this art style.

  8. When metering key & rim lights it would be really useful to hear the results of the measurement and what f-stop the camera is set at. There's one instance where a lot emphasis is placed on proper metering and then it concludes with "now that's the right amount of light". Which to a viewer who can't see the meter or camera is completely useless.

  9. This was a great video. I would also like to see this using a male model. Such as for a Lawyer or Banker. More for an executive portrait. Are there any videos from Kelby Training on professional male portraits? A. Lea

  10. Mike is a natural teacher, He clearly and concisely communicates his thought processes and techniques, plus there are some great practical studio equipment tips. More from Mike please.

  11. Wow! This was such a great lesson... There is only one problem... I want more lessons from Mike Kubeisy...=) Great teacher, loved how everything flowed together. Made everything so easy to understand.... Makes me want to go out and take more pictures... Great stuff. What a great addition to the Kelby traing courses.... Would love to see more lesson with Mike Kubeisy...

  12. wow! I really enjoyed this one. I almost didn't look at it because, well, I'm not planning on taking Hollywood head shot pictures. I'm glad I started it, great tips on the outdoor backgrounds, and I loved the practical tips about safety

  13. This course is concise, well-planned, and practical. I can't image anyone not having success with the techniques involved. Additionally, the equipment set-ups are simplified and to the point. Nothing extraneous! Mike's knowledge and style of teaching are true excellence!

  14. Excellent job, Mike! Really liked how you walked through each set up and showed how the addition of each defuser/reflector/light added to bringing the final image to fruition. Great job.

  15. That was a very interesting and informative course Mike is easy to listen to and communicates so well I especially liked the outdoor lesson. Great stuff.

  16. 100% worth watching. I like the fact that the course is short and concise, nothing too much, but the most important. Learned about silk diffusers, sandbags, carpets, how to use the lighting meter with different type of light. And to evaluate one light at a time before shooting. Very nice basic course, thanks.

  17. What an excellent course! I loved everything about it and the very last segment had this air of nostalgia that truly captured what he was teaching us. Thank you Mike and Kelby Training!

  18. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching both of Mike Kubeisy's tutorials here on Kelby. It is clear he has a knowledge about his craft, but he also presents it in a way that is informative and entertaining. I would love to see more tutorials from him soon. Taking his knowledge and turning that in to a corporate headshot video would be amazing. I think it would give great results with a twist.

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