Creating Websites with Lightroom and the SmugMug Plug-In By Matt Kloskowski

26 min

SmugMug is known as one of the industry’s best looking and easiest ways to show off, sell, and print your photos online. In this class, Matt Kloskowski walks you through setting up and using the SmugMug Lightroom plug-in to get your galleries online.

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Matt shows you how to download and install the SmugMug plug-in for Lightroom's Publish Services panel.
Once the plug-in is installed and you've created your collections you can start uploading your photos to SmugMug.
Matt shows you how to set up and update your online photo gallery with Lightroom.
The communication between Lightroom and SmugMug goes both ways, which allows you to see favorites from your SmugMug website back in Lightroom.
Matt wraps up the class with some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the SmugMug plug-in.
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Matt Kloskowski

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Matt is the full-time Director of Education for Kelby Media Group and a Tampa-based photographer. He's the Editor-in-Chief of Lightroom Magazine, the lead instructor on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom LIVE Seminar Tour and author of several best-selling Photoshop books. Matt also hosts the world's top Lightroom blog,


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  1. Profile photo of Bonnie Esrig Bonnie Esrig

    Matt, thanks so much for this LIghtroom 5 Basics instruction. You made it so clear and easy to follow! I can’t believe how hard I had made it for myself stumbling around the past 2 months. It really makes sense now. Great course.

  2. Profile photo of JerryCWilson JerryCWilson

    Matt, Thanks for a very well done video. It has enabled me to avoid a lot of frustration. When I’ve made several photos of the same subject my inclination is to select what I think is the best one prior to working on it in lightroom. What is the quickest method of accomplishing this. When I have attempted to compare 2 side by side it seems to be slow.

  3. Profile photo of Debbi Marquette Debbi Marquette

    Thank you for this course! I started Lightroom folders several times based on others feedback. This is the best way to organize and import my photos. It totally works for me and I can now find a photo I am looking for. I just finished moving over 9000 photos to my new folder structure and eliminating my 3 other folder structures that did not work. I culled my photos while I did it since I learned so much at PhotoShop World! I also purchased Perfect Effects based on your presentation at PhotoShop World and I love it. I’m going to start learning more about that next.

  4. Profile photo of

    Hi and thank you for this course. I am learning Lightroom 5 and going through each of these videos, (quite a novice at this) but I do have a question with regards to unwanted folders that came in while importing my photographs folder. Can I remove them from the Lightroom folders tree? and if so, how? Will they be deleted from the main location if I remove them from the Lightroom folders listing?

  5. Profile photo of Dave Johnson Dave Johnson

    Is there a way to come back to a lesson that you left off on automatically. The old format let you pick up where you left off !

  6. Profile photo of debbiereisetter debbiereisetter

    Thank you so VERY much for the clarity and detail of your explanations. Really helps me to get started.

  7. Profile photo of sergekay sergekay

    I am new to LR and have never used it. I am slowly developing my skills to become a good hobbyist photographer.
    B&H sell LR5 to students at a lower price. Could I buy the program as a student and learn how to use it by watching your courses?