Long Exposure Photography By Matt Kloskowski

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Have you ever wondered how people create those amazing photographs where it seems the clouds are still moving across the scene, where flowing water has become a ghostly mist, or where the stars appear to be streaking across the sky? It is all about long exposure photography. Join Matt Kloskowski as he teaches you everything you need to know; from the camera settings and gear that make long exposure photography possible to the post-processing techniques required to take it to the next level. The time has never been better to learn how to create those dramatic images on your own and open yourself to a whole new world of photography.

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Join Matt as he introduces the class and goes over the material that will be covered.
One of the main reasons is that it helps us capture movement. By extending the duration of the shutter speed our photos record the movement of anything in the scene.
From camera bodies to lenses, and tripods to accessories, Matt covers all the basic gear you need to get started.
The settings that you dial into the camera are what makes long exposure photography work.
The most common filter used in long exposure photography is the neutral density filter.
There are a few different ways you can achieve a correct exposure with a long shutter speed.
A lot of people struggle with the same questions when getting started with long exposure photography.
Matt has taken his camera gear out into the field to demonstrate how to do some of the techniques he's been teaching.
Matt returns to the studio from shooting in the field and reviews the photos he just created and talks through some of the first things he'd do in post-processing.
In some situations you may have objects in the scene that are moving, but you don't want to include that blurred object in your final photo. Matt shows you a technique for fixing that problem.
Sometimes conditions are not ideal when you are out in the field, but there are a few post-processing techniques you can keep in your back pocket to help you when you need them.
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Matt is the Vice President of Photography for onOne Software and a Tampa-based photographer. He's a best selling author of over 20 books and teaches Lightroom and Photoshop at seminars and conferences around the world....

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  1. Profile photo of photoramsey1 photoramsey1

    Helloevery body, Matt there is something that i don’t understand with the nd filter and the nd app when i tape the nd filter that i use the time is so long that my picture is overexposed, so why we can’t use the priority aperture mode with a nd filter ?

    Best regards

  2. Profile photo of BrandonGregory BrandonGregory

    Matt, what metering mode are you using when you get your first reading?

  3. Profile photo of robert7 robert7

    Excellent review of the basics of long exposure. I was a bit disappointed that the content did not contain night, star, photography examples as alluded to in the first video. That was the content I was most hoping to learn more about. Perhaps this could be clarified in the opening segment.

  4. Profile photo of bbryson bbryson

    Wonderful Matt! Thanks so much.

  5. Profile photo of cinedependent cinedependent

    I really enjoyed this course. I got a Tiffen pack of ND filters and a Lee big stopper. I tried them out at the old Sutro Baths in San Francisco. The fog was coming in. I was curious why all my long exposures look blue(cool), while my short exposures look warm. I even set the white balance to cloudy and it made no difference. In Ligntroom, I was able to correct for this, but I was wondering if this is normal, and if it’s akin to diving where the first colour one loses is red.
    Is this blueness normal?

  6. Profile photo of mizzbonni mizzbonni

    Excellent tutoring quick simple and straight to the point.

  7. Profile photo of germaniamarketing germaniamarketing

    Well, Matt. You did what so many others before you couldn’t do… you made me buy a set of ND filters. I’ve been resisting for years – mostly because I didn’t quite understand how to use them properly and in what situations. But this video was so easy to understand and convinced me that I could, in fact, do it. Thanks!

  8. Profile photo of 1034231 1034231

    for those of us who do not use iphones, smartphones, etc. It may be a good addition to explain, and provide, a paper chart to determine correct exposure with ND filters.

  9. Profile photo of a.b.o92@hotmail.com a.b.o92@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much Matt :)

  10. Profile photo of geminivision geminivision

    The course is excellent.

    However, there is no lesson 12 which was going to explain about applying more blur to the shots if it was not captured during the process.

    Thank you!

  11. Profile photo of gsgustin gsgustin

    Well done Matt – Great Stuff. Can’t wait to put these techniques into practice.

    You commented on the importance of closing off the eye piece to prevent “light bleed” – your two suggestions for doing this were good, but each carry an issue or two. The “eye piece” cover is easily lost/misplaced, and the tape can transfer residue to the eye piece (and for those of us that wear glasses the residue can transfer to our lenses).

    I’m currently shooting a Nikon D7000 and a Nikon D610 – won’t switching to live view close down the eye piece and eliminate the “light bleed”? If so it would become a quick and easy solution that avoids the issues with the eye piece cover, and the taping solution.

    Thanks for a great course!

  12. Profile photo of 1dwn5up 1dwn5up

    Matt knocked this one out the park! Superbly done.

    Now just gotta get a Neutral Density Filter (looking to get a Lee Big Stopper, but it got sold out at B&H this week). I waited to long to pull the trigger.

  13. Profile photo of Tom Kostes Tom Kostes

    Nice job Matt. The auto focus to manual is a great tip.

  14. Profile photo of David James David James

    Great Course Matt. I was able to get my Big Stopper straight away in the UK. It should arrive in the next couple of days and I can’t wait to get started. The “Enhancement Techniques” are pretty cool and will give me a lot more to play with.

  15. Profile photo of Averil Averil

    Great course! This confirms the things I do in the field as correct and helps me in others that weren’t going so good for me. I was able to get a Lee Filter 10 stopper in 6 weeks and not 6 months up here in Canada. :D I am loving it too. I got it because of your recommendation after you first started using it Thanks!

  16. Profile photo of psllc123 psllc123

    Great job Matt! The “Enhancement Techniques” part was extremely helpful.

  17. Profile photo of Robert Robert

    Great course Matt, i live in Canada and it see,s that I can’t have access to your NDtimer app. Where can I buy it?Thanks

  18. Profile photo of Neil Neil

    Excellent course, Matt. I was riveted all the way through.

  19. Profile photo of Chris Benavides Chris Benavides

    Fantastic Job Matt. Thanks for walking us step by step and giving us exact direction on what needs to be done in order to achieve great results. Great Class!

  20. Profile photo of umphotography umphotography

    Nice job on the video Matt

    Your thought on stacking v/s the big stopper. Im thinking a 9x and 3x…don’t want to wait 6 months plus the big stopper with bracket and rings is pushing $300.00


  21. Profile photo of Thomas Thomas

    Lee Big Stopper already on order – a really great tutorial Matt – inspirational!
    I really liked the learning from mistakes section with the viewfinder blind.- I’m sure it will jog my memory when I’m out trying this technique. Many thanks.

  22. Profile photo of seacat@bigpond.com seacat@bigpond.com

    Thanks so much!! this was the first class I have taken after joining KelbyOne and I thought it was excellent. The content was thorough and well explained. I’m really looking forward to doing many more of these classes. Great job!

  23. Profile photo of Timpanogas Timpanogas

    Very informative class Matt. I’m preparing to watch it again soon. Repetition brings conviction.

    Thanks for your advice and encouragement.

    Rex Winterton
    St. George, Utah

  24. Profile photo of ralle474 ralle474

    Great class! And thank you for answering my question! It meant a lot to me! :)

  25. Profile photo of teigas teigas

    This was a good course, learned a few things like the nd timer app, and se what shutter speed before, and close the wievfinder to prevent light like, and not to buy a vario nd filter. Thanks!!

  26. Profile photo of superjocx superjocx

    Matt, I really loved this class, it is very concise. I especially appreciated that you did a in-the-field demo!

    If you guys don’t want to wait 6 months for the Lee big stopper and don’t mind order from Canada, go to http://tyi.ca/tyi/SalesOrdersResin.htm#BS
    It is not in Back order.

  27. Profile photo of Masters Imaging Masters Imaging

    Wow I have learned so much just from this one course. Now I just need to get out there and practice.

  28. Profile photo of VladimirK VladimirK

    Hi Matt, could you help me? I am lost with new look of Kelbytraining pages. Normaly, I mark courses I want to see as favorite ones on my PC and then I watch them on iPad. I cannot find this functionality now… :-/
    Thank U

  29. Profile photo of Rick Kreiselman Rick Kreiselman

    Enjoyed this course a bunch. Went through some old photos and used the last couple of techniques to promote a long exposure shot via motion and radial filters in Photoshop. then used Lightroom to make it a much better picture (imho).

    Here’s a link to the before and after: http://kreiselman.com/pictures/_IMG_3226BeforeandAfter.jpg

  30. Profile photo of Jack Jack

    Matt: You knocked it out of the ballpark with this session. Thank you.

    Suggestion for the new “Kelbyone” pageā€¦ Can you bring back the user Dashboard and the favourites section? I often revisited a number of the excellent sessions for reinforcement of certain techniques and find that with the new page format they are not easily accessed.

    Thanks again ~ Jack

  31. Profile photo of Steve Bryson Steve Bryson

    Well done Matt. Here’s a color correction tip for your viewers when using an ND filter. You can correct for color cast with the X-rite Color Checker. If you dont’ have one of those, try using a neutral gray card.

  32. Profile photo of Chris MacFarland Chris MacFarland

    So I grabbed the app you mention for me to use when I go out. This thing is hilarious it even has 13 stop filters, which I didn’t know they made, and it calculates when you stack two. It told me that if I stack two 13 stop filters and have a 30 second exposure it will then be a 559249:32:00 exposure which turns out to be 63.86 years for the exposure. That’s just funny.

  33. Profile photo of TomWickstrom TomWickstrom

    Do you recommend using filter adapter rings??

  34. Profile photo of Brad Vautrinot Brad Vautrinot

    Excellent course, Matt. Would you kindly list the names and part numbers of the Lee Foundation mount and the size retaining ring needed for the Big Stopper? Thanks.

  35. Profile photo of Joseph Crawford Joseph Crawford


    Great video series, thanks for putting it together.

    @lucilita you will need an eye piece cover or cap, you can find them on here for some short change:.

  36. Profile photo of Chris MacFarland Chris MacFarland

    So where would I go about buying the lee big stopper? That’s my dream filter. My wife bought me a B+W 10 stop for Christmas. I would love to get the lee big stopper since it’s pretty much a one size fits all filter.

  37. Profile photo of kjeelt kjeelt

    Great course Matt!
    But,a fter kelbyone; all video’s are sluggish and have low framerate..

  38. Profile photo of martyf81 martyf81

    Been waiting for this one! Can’t help but think I am famous now since my question is shown in the video! lol

  39. Profile photo of James James

    Great course. One question.

    Where did you get the filter holder for the Lee Big Stop?

  40. Profile photo of lucilita lucilita

    Hi Matt, I’m glad I’m watching this course because I LOVE long exposures.

    Rather than a comment, I have a question. On Chapter 4, you mention closing the eyepiece. Have no clue what it is or how to close it. I have a Nikon D700. Please direct me where I can learn more about the “eyepiece” and how to close it.



  41. Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Thanks Matt,

    One thing I recently found while using a Lee Big Stopper for the first time was that my camera (5D Mk III) will see and focus through the Big Stopper when using Live View.

    This means I can leave the filter and eye piece cover on all the time and just use the LCD to compose and focus the shot.

    Hope this helps someone out :)

  42. Profile photo of andyh_73 andyh_73

    This was the first course I looked at since becoming a KelbyOne member. Really, really good. Thanks for putting this together Matt it will help me a lot.

  43. Profile photo of Andrew Andrew

    I’m off to Portland this weekend hoping to shoot some long exposures. I found the Cokin brand of drop-in filter locally and they are pretty reasonably priced.

    1. Profile photo of BrandonGregory BrandonGregory

      where did find them, what store?

  44. Profile photo of John Webb John Webb

    Another fantastic class from Matt. Can’t wait to get out there!

  45. Profile photo of jasdelta jasdelta

    Excellent course Matt.
    Going to try taking some long exposures this next week, along the CA coast in Carmel and Cambria.

  46. Profile photo of marquis1955 marquis1955

    Thanks Matt good course !

  47. Profile photo of florcortese florcortese

    SUPERB, Matt! Thank you so very much. Finally, in once concise lesson, you were able to put everything together and simplify it for us.

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