Beginner Basics: Landscape Photography, with Matt Kloskowski

You'll learn all about the gear you'll need, the camera settings you'll want to use, and all kinds of tips and tricks to help you get tack sharp photos that are composed for impact.

Do you love the idea of grabbing your camera and heading out to beautiful locations? Then join Matt Kloskowski to learn the basics of landscape photography. This is the class Matt wishes he had when he got started with landscape photography. You’ll learn all about the gear you’ll need, the camera settings you’ll want to use, and all kinds of tips and tricks to help you get tack sharp photos that are composed for impact. By knowing the basics you’ll be more comfortable when you are out on location, so you can enjoy the scenery, and make great photos while you are there.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:54)

Join Matt as he introduces the concepts covered in this class.

Lesson 2: Gear: Camera Bodies (Duration 03:30)

Landscape photography is not as gear-centric as many other areas of photography. Matt goes over the types of camera bodies you should consider.

Lesson 3: Gear: Lenses (Duration 06:10)

When it comes to lenses there are a few things to take into account.

Lesson 4: Gear: Tripods and Remote Releases (Duration 04:54)

One of the keys to sharp photos is a sturdy tripod. Once the camera is locked down on the tripod you'll want to fire the shutter remotely.

Lesson 5: Camera Settings (Duration 06:16)

Learn how to set up your camera to get the best possible landscape photos.

Lesson 6: Bracketing (Duration 03:22)

Use exposure bracketing to have the camera automatically take different exposures of the same scene.

Lesson 7: Lens Filters (Duration 07:49)

There are a couple of essential filters for landscape photography.

Lesson 8: Composition (Duration 07:12)

With the technical considerations covered you can focus on creating the most compelling composition possible.

Lesson 9: Sunrise and Sunset (Duration 08:57)

The primary times for landscape photography are sunrise and sunset. Matt explains why you'll want to be out at these times of day, and even share a few exceptions to the rule.

Lesson 10: Waterfalls (Duration 06:58)

Matt shares a few tips for getting great waterfall photos.

Lesson 11: Twilight Shooting (Duration 05:12)

Civil twilight, the time just before sunrise or just after sunset, can be a really amazing time to shoot.

Lesson 12: Conclusion (Duration 02:44)

Matt wraps up the class with some closing words on landscape photography.

Meet Your Instructor: Matt Kloskowski

Matt is the full-time Director of Education for Kelby Media Group and a Tampa-based photographer. He's the Editor-in-Chief of Lightroom Magazine, the lead instructor on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom LIVE…


  1. The information in this course is so well laid out! I will be watching this one again - perhaps several more times - AND, I will use this course to get a friend to sign up for Kelby Training. Timing could not have been better - we are participating in a photographic field trip to Maine in October. Thanks, Matt!

  2. Thanks for a great course. You did a great job of reviewing the topic for beginners. I really appreciate all the pearls of experience that you share.

  3. First I like to say Thank you very much, because I ask you for this video. I like it. Itís great tutorial and help me lot. I never shoot landscape but whenever fantastic landscape photo come cross to me wow how to shoot landscape like this! Now I will practice way you say. Matt once again thanks you for your time to make this tutorial video.

  4. Fabulous course that covers the essentials in an uncomplicated way and other than for beginners, serves as useful revision for those that have been shooting landscapes previously and is a great advert for Kelby Training. I really enjoyed the course and found some of Matt's photos inspiring. Now to save up to visit some of those places.

  5. Thanks for this fantastic class! I'm taking a trip to the Lake District (UK) soon so I can't wait to try out these tips on the incredible scenery there! Thanks again Matt! - Francesca

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