Lightroom 5 Basics for Photographers By Matt Kloskowski

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In this class, Matt Kloskowski walks you through the key things you need to know to get up and running right away. You’ll learn the easiest and quickest way to get your photos into Lightroom. If you’ve ever had trouble organizing, Matt makes this a total breeze. Then you’ll learn how to organize your favorites, the most important settings for editing those photos, and finally how to share them with everyone else.

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Matt introduces the class and goes over what we'll cover.
The most important thing when you start using Lightroom is where to put your photos. You'll learn how to get started the right way, with a folder structure that can grow with you.
Once you come back from a photo shoot, you'll want to get moving quickly and get your photos in to Lightroom.
Chances are that you've got photos taken before you started using Lightroom and you want to get them in your photo library as well.
One of the main advantages of Lightroom over other programs is sorting and organizing your photos. In this lesson you'll find out the easiest ways to do that.
Once you've found your favorites, Matt shows you how to use Collections (kinda like Albums) to organize them so they're just one click away.
You'll love the power of the Basic panel for editing your photos. There's a ton of different things we can do, but the Basic panel still remains one of the most useful.
Once you've done some global edits, you can hone in and do selective edits with Lightroom's tools as well.
Matt finishes up the Develop module by going through some of the more advanced (but not that advanced) editing tools that you may come across.
Whether it\\'s simply saving a JPEG or sharing your photos online via email, Facebook or Flickr, Lightroom has built-in ways to do this automatically for you.
It's all about the print. Between the photo books and the Print module, you'll learn how you can get great prints that look just like they do on your screen.
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Matt is the Vice President of Photography for onOne Software and a Tampa-based photographer. He's a best selling author of over 20 books and teaches Lightroom and Photoshop at seminars and conferences around the world....

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  1. Profile photo of theexecutivespen theexecutivespen

    the basics for setting up a external hard drive w/ lightroom

  2. Profile photo of Alfred Dayan Alfred Dayan

    How do you create subfolders? e,g Project: 2015, Album 1 London; Album 2: Brussels and so on.
    In Aperture a Folder would include:The Project (Capture Year(s)) and below Albums and Smart Albums

  3. Profile photo of tvguyrob tvguyrob

    Awesome lesson! Great for begginers Me.

  4. Profile photo of

    This class has eliminated my LR terror! I’ve tried several times to learn and work in LR using other teaching resources, all to no avail. I took this class a week ago and have already edited a recent shoot in LR! YAY MATT!!

  5. Profile photo of Deborah Williams Deborah Williams

    Please Help! I’ve totally screwed up my whole, brandy new light room!
    I thought I knew how to pull in photos from hard drive, and did so, before I began this course! how I have ALL the photos on my hard drive! and made a mess of my Light room library and the folders all have question marks…and ALL SORTS of weird stuff is happening and photos aren’t really there when in in develop mode! .Than I try to reimport and all the photos are grayed out…When I hit ADD, the import tab is grayed out! And I’m so sorry I really screwed it up! How do I get LR back, like new and start again. And the import tutorial REALLY needs more info! how do you bring in dng. files…or can you?
    You’ve been my PS Guru for MANY years, and I turn to your all powerful genius to help me fix this mess and do it right next time!
    BTY, LR was a down load, stand alone purchase from Amazon).
    I’m so computer/web clueless I don’t know if this is the place from which I may never get a response!

  6. Profile photo of Artisan-west Artisan-west

    I have used Photoshop CS6 and CC for two years but have avoided Lightroom because it just didn’t make sense (compared to PS). While I still like the added power of PS, your course has helped me become familiar with Lightroom and its features. Thanks Matt.

  7. Profile photo of ggvacations ggvacations

    Thank you for the great video. I’ve also watched LR5 Crash Course. I’ve been using LR for 4 years and have never taken a course. I mostly stumble around & don’t use most of the functions. I’m so happy I’ve decided to sign up for a membership. I wish I would have a long time ago. I’ve been wasting time trying to learn photography and editing by just searching random stuff on the internet. I couldn’t afford to take most of the course I’ve seen offered by others but this membership is so affordable. THANK YOU!!! Now the only problem I have is since I’ve never made an album in LR I’ve dumped all my photos in the library and would like it to be more organized now. I need to know how to delete 5K pictures and start over fresh. Thank you!!!

  8. Profile photo of robertb.cole robertb.cole

    Your video is very general and does not provide any specific information on how to share a photo in Facebook or flicker for that matter. Can you provide the information or provide a reference link where I can learn how to do this.

  9. Profile photo of jennmilliron jennmilliron

    Thank you so much for this easy walk-through! My goal is simply to stop using photo editing apps and presets on my phone, and this was the perfect first step.

  10. Profile photo of roc_torio28 roc_torio28

    Those semi-advanced lessons really helped me a lot! Really liked the clone and heal tool :)

  11. Profile photo of Phyllis Phyllis

    Help somehow I have three light room catalogs all with some pictures. I have one with 179000+ pictures, one with 59,000 and then he with very little. How do I combine into one. I have two hard drives built-in to computer. One with 1 tg a
    nd one with 2 tb, three desktops 3 tbs each, several 500 GB and one 2 Tb. I also have two harder if s that won,t work. I need more control. Phyllis Veit

  12. Profile photo of

    Thank you Matt. Great videos, lesson 11 in particular was really useful and got me on the right track to start playing around with making my own prints.

  13. Profile photo of Karen Slater Karen Slater

    Great video matt. I have some experience with Lightroom 4 but just bought Lightroom 5 and this helped with the new features and did show me some print stuff that I wasn’t aware off.

  14. Profile photo of Karl Karl

    How do I start?

  15. Profile photo of GoldenGirlRE GoldenGirlRE

    Matt, awesome class! I love that the classes are broken down into sections so we can go back to parts we want to focus on and practice. I’m pretty organized already with my photos, but I can do better. I am hoping as re-organize I don’t mess up what I’ve already in LR in the past. :-) Thank you – can’t wait to put into practice what I just watched!

  16. Profile photo of kristirepp kristirepp

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! So very helpful!!!!!

  17. Profile photo of pjemonson pjemonson

    What a great course – note even all the way through and I have quickly managed to get my photos from a weekend trip ready to share with friends! Thanks so much

  18. Profile photo of Jeanette Frizzell Jeanette Frizzell

    Very informative. I have been using camera raw. Really wanted to use Lightroom and you certainly got me started. You make it easy and interesting. Thanks so much

  19. Profile photo of sergekay sergekay

    I am new to LR and have never used it. I am slowly developing my skills to become a good hobbyist photographer.
    B&H sell LR5 to students at a lower price. Could I buy the program as a student and learn how to use it by watching your courses?

  20. Profile photo of debbiereisetter debbiereisetter

    Thank you so VERY much for the clarity and detail of your explanations. Really helps me to get started.

  21. Profile photo of Dave Johnson Dave Johnson

    Is there a way to come back to a lesson that you left off on automatically. The old format let you pick up where you left off !

  22. Profile photo of

    Hi and thank you for this course. I am learning Lightroom 5 and going through each of these videos, (quite a novice at this) but I do have a question with regards to unwanted folders that came in while importing my photographs folder. Can I remove them from the Lightroom folders tree? and if so, how? Will they be deleted from the main location if I remove them from the Lightroom folders listing?

  23. Profile photo of Debbi Marquette Debbi Marquette

    Thank you for this course! I started Lightroom folders several times based on others feedback. This is the best way to organize and import my photos. It totally works for me and I can now find a photo I am looking for. I just finished moving over 9000 photos to my new folder structure and eliminating my 3 other folder structures that did not work. I culled my photos while I did it since I learned so much at PhotoShop World! I also purchased Perfect Effects based on your presentation at PhotoShop World and I love it. I’m going to start learning more about that next.

  24. Profile photo of JerryCWilson JerryCWilson

    Matt, Thanks for a very well done video. It has enabled me to avoid a lot of frustration. When I’ve made several photos of the same subject my inclination is to select what I think is the best one prior to working on it in lightroom. What is the quickest method of accomplishing this. When I have attempted to compare 2 side by side it seems to be slow.

  25. Profile photo of Bonnie Esrig Bonnie Esrig

    Matt, thanks so much for this LIghtroom 5 Basics instruction. You made it so clear and easy to follow! I can’t believe how hard I had made it for myself stumbling around the past 2 months. It really makes sense now. Great course.

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