Working with Nikon SB-900 Flashes, with Joe McNally

Join Joe McNally as he explores the creative possibilities of Nikon's new SB-900 flash, and teaches you how to get professional results with your photography each and every time.

Join Joe McNally as he explores the creative possibilities of Nikon’s new SB-900 flash, and teaches you how to get professional results with your photography each and every time. Learn to take full advantage of the SB-900′s portability, versatility, and advanced features and settings.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 10:14)

Comparing the Nikon SB-800 with the new advances in the SB-900

Lesson 2: Interface (Duration 01:32)

Going over the interface on the SB-900

Lesson 3: Exposure Value and Master Flash (Duration 04:07)

Adjusting Exposure Value and setting the Master flash

Lesson 4: Versatility (Duration 03:39)

The new SB-900 has increased functionality which creates a lot of advantages

Lesson 5: Zoom Function (Duration 03:06)

Advantages of the 200mm zoom function of the SB-900

Lesson 6: Get the Job Done (Duration 06:09)

The My Menu settings, Illumination settings, and the new hot shoe

Lesson 7: Simple Setup (Duration 03:37)

Joe walks us through the beginnings of a simple, single flash photo shoot

Lesson 8: Improvised Diffusion (Duration 05:16)

Common items can be used to soften the light being thrown from the flash

Lesson 9: Modes of Light (Duration 13:36)

There are three modes of light that can be set with the SB-900

Lesson 10: Remote Flash (Duration 05:00)

Bouncing a second light off of the floor onto the subject

Lesson 11: Flash Through an Umbrella (Duration 04:30)

This is a one-light setup but the flash is shooting through an umbrella

Lesson 12: Light Through a Window (Duration 04:13)

Simulating daylight by setting up the flash outside a window

Lesson 13: Experimenting (Duration 07:36)

Using a large flag to create a reflection in the glasses of the subject

Lesson 14: New Shoot (Duration 05:03)

Going through the process of setting up a new location shoot

Lesson 15: Adjusting the Light (Duration 06:08)

Adjusting the exposure value and cutting part of the flash to reduce impact

Lesson 16: Changing Things Up (Duration 09:07)

Moving quickly with small flashes allows photographers to be experimental with their light

Lesson 17: Two-Light Shot (Duration 03:04)

Bouncing the main light off the floor to create a glamour shot

Lesson 18: Changing Lenses (Duration 01:59)

Many times you have to change exposure when you change lenses

Lesson 19: Lace Shadow Pattern (Duration 06:19)

Hard light source throwing through lace to create a stylistic shadow

Lesson 20: Accent Light (Duration 04:04)

With the subject is lit from behind, using a flash to bring out some of the facial detail

Lesson 21: Location Shooting (Duration 07:12)

Working with the surroundings and rolling with the changes as they come

Lesson 22: Racing Against the Sun (Duration 06:14)

Trying to get the last shot of the day as the sun goes down on the horizon and final wrap up

Meet Your Instructor: Joe McNally

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned 30 years and included assignments in over 50 countries. He has shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New…


  1. G.Christie; Joe Mcnally working with SB900 under the conditions and locations in the lessons has given the old Nikon dog a lot of good treats! Joe is great at keep the lesson moving like the shoot he is doing and keeping your attention to details without getting lost. This has been very helpful to me as I am looking to buy a lighting system that work for most shooting locations. After viewing other videos outside of Kelbey training Joe's lesson's Rock! Thank you! Joe Mcnally, and Scott Kelbey too for a great place to learn new technics. G.C.

  2. Joe McNally is not only extremely knowledgeable about the topics of the courses he teaches, he presents that knowledge in a way that seems more like fun than a learning experience. I also get a kick out of the different scenarios he sets up as examples for his photography. He is anything but boring. I am not rich. I am not a professional photographer. But, I still find Joe and his equipment courses entertaining and informative. Keep the Joe lessons coming!

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