Photographing with One Light, with Joe McNally

You'll learn how to take studio-quality lighting on location. When you're done, you'll be able to take one light and make it look like you had so much more at your disposal.

Ever been told to work lighter, faster, better and with less gear? Well Joe McNally's latest class dives right in and shows you what's possible with just one single light. You'll learn how to take studio-quality lighting on location. When you're done, you'll be able to take one light and make it look like you had so much more at your disposal.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: What Can You Do With One Light? (Duration 06:20)

Work lighter, faster, and with less gear. Improvise and explore what you can do with one light only

Lesson 2: Going Through the Equipment (Duration 07:54)

Joe shows off his equipment table and talks about what gear he likes to have on a shoot like this one

Lesson 3: Getting Started on the Set (Duration 06:05)

Making the subject feel comfortable and getting started with the first exposure

Lesson 4: Adjusting Off That First Shot (Duration 07:25)

Employing a flash filter, flash stand and eventually a diffuser

Lesson 5: Rolling with the First Setup (Duration 03:16)

After snapping a group of photos in the initial setup, Joe continues making adjustments with fill reflectors

Lesson 6: Keep Things Moving (Duration 10:35)

Moving the light stand behind the camera and trying different things with a hard light

Lesson 7: Changing Lenses (Duration 05:25)

Joe adds some wind to the shoot and changes lenses to create a shorter depth of field

Lesson 8: Getting the Most Out of One Flash (Duration 06:33)

Using the camera's built in flash as the trigger for the one remote flash

Lesson 9: Back to Basics (Duration 10:28)

Using the on-camera flash as the single light and shooting remote flash by yourself

Lesson 10: On Location (Duration 05:15)

Scouting a new location and taking some initial shots to get a feel for the shoot

Lesson 11: Close Up Portrait (Duration 07:03)

Joe gets in close with the camera and takes some close portraits

Lesson 12: Directional Light (Duration 08:52)

Working with late afternoon daylight coming through a doorway

Lesson 13: Late Daylight Effect (Duration 06:09)

Triggering the remote flash with the pop up and posing the subject

Lesson 14: Woodland Location with Bad Weather (Duration 06:02)

Shooting under a tree canopy in the rainy outdoors of Tampa

Lesson 15: Making the Best of the Situation (Duration 03:35)

Even in difficult circumstances, it is important to stay positive and go forward with the shoot

Lesson 16: Making Sunlight (Duration 06:40)

Using the single flash and reflecting it back to the subject to brighten her

Lesson 17: Creating Big Light (Duration 03:27)

Using a larger light box

Lesson 18: Race Against the Failing Light (Duration 04:52)

Shooting against the Tampa skyline with the sun fading quickly

Meet Your Instructor: Joe McNally

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned 30 years and included assignments in over 50 countries. He has shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New…


  1. Joe hits the ball out of the park yet again in this video workshop! And while he's using the Nikon CLS to get the shots set up so quickly, the results are possible for Canon shooters or manual-flash strobists. It's just amazing what Joe shows can be done with only one light - the insight into how he thinks and solves problems and the creativity with manufactured sunlight. Thanks! I marked this video as a favorite so I can watch it again a few times.

  2. This video was my first step using small flash and opened a new universe of possibilities. Joe Mcnally is THE GUY to understand light and and teach us to ballance small flash resorces to construc a great ligh. It was my first step long time ago, and Mcnelly and All Kelbytrainig suport helps me to define my own photographic stile. Tks a lot . Maurício Zanin - Fashion and Artistic Photographer (From Brasília - Brazil)

  3. I started watching this series of videos by Joe McNally and couldn't stop! This guy is nothing short of amazing. I bought a new flash, it arrived today so I came here to find out what a person could do with only one flash. Was I in for a big surprise! Joe's professionalism, creativity and his positive attitude approach to solving lighting problems is so inspiring. Man, this guy is so good!! Thanks Kelby Training for providing first class training!

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