Light Shaping Tools, Part 2, with Joe McNally

Photographer Joe McNally vocalizes his thought process as he lights and shoots a mix of indoor and outdoor locations in New Mexico

Photographer Joe McNally vocalizes his thought process as he lights and shoots a mix of indoor and outdoor locations in New Mexico.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: The Penitentiary Prop (Duration 07:42)

Joe McNally is going to be shooting on location inside an abandoned New Mexico State prison

Lesson 2: CD Cover (Duration 10:20)

For this project, Joe is bringing in 3 models who are pretending to be part of a band that is shooting a group portrait

Lesson 3: Picking Location (Duration 07:57)

Looking at background, lighting, and thinking about the type of setup

Lesson 4: Zero Out Camera (Duration 04:01)

Check camera settings and make sure that it is ready to shoot your new location

Lesson 5: Lens and Light (Duration 05:54)

Setting up the beauty dish on location and maintaining access to electricity

Lesson 6: Adjusting the Light (Duration 05:01)

Adjusting boom arms, choosing reflective surfaces

Lesson 7: First Shots (Duration 09:58)

Bringing in the models to start snapping a few photos

Lesson 8: Lighting Ratios and Exposures (Duration 04:39)

Bouncing light sources off the floor and adding a backlight to the shot

Lesson 9: Changing Light Sources (Duration 09:04)

Adjusting the light to give the shoot a different feel

Lesson 10: Evolving During the Shoot (Duration 03:32)

Changing wardrobe, changing the light are some of the adjustments being made while the shoot is in progress

Lesson 11: Key Lighting (Duration 01:51)

The versatility of the c-stand allows photographers to tailor the light hitting each their subjects

Lesson 12: Improvisation (Duration 01:21)

Experimenting with a Kino Flo light and a long throw reflector on the set

Lesson 13: New Location (Duration 02:05)

An outdoor shoot in New Mexico will bring a whole new set of ideas to execute and challenges to overcome

Lesson 14: Assessing the Gear (Duration 03:33)

Joe goes through all of the gear he has brought out to this new location

Lesson 15: Octa Light Bank and Batteries (Duration 06:45)

The Octa light source a beautiful but temperamental light source. Make sure you have plenty of battery power

Lesson 16: Picture Depth and Fill Lighting (Duration 02:04)

Adding background elements for depth and positioning a fill light

Lesson 17: Battling the Light (Duration 01:43)

Rushing against time to get the right light for the setup

Lesson 18: Laying Out Saloon Setup (Duration 04:20)

Joe walks through his thinking process as he decides how he wants to shoot inside a saloon

Lesson 19: Playing With Light (Duration 02:13)

There is a give and go with the light sources in any photo shoot

Lesson 20: Strip Light (Duration 02:24)

This type of light is great for creating dramatic portraits

Lesson 21: Listen to the Location (Duration 07:53)

Creating moody jailhouse portraits

Lesson 22: Working with Harsh Light (Duration 09:38)

Using a baffle, or silk, to soften harsh light

Meet Your Instructor: Joe McNally

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned 30 years and included assignments in over 50 countries. He has shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New…


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