Corporate Photography, with Joe McNally

Photographer Joe McNally has some advice on getting through some of the common obstacles that get in the way when working in corporate photography.

Photographer Joe McNally has some advice on getting through some of the common obstacles that get in the way when working in corporate photography.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: What to Expect (Duration 03:40)

When working in a corporate environment, it's important to be prepared, and to work quickly and confidently to get the shot from a subject that, in many cases, does not really want to be there

Lesson 2: The Miracle of Photography (Duration 02:29)

The hard work in corporate photography is the heavy lifting involved in transporting and setting up your equipment in the corporate office

Lesson 3: Setting Up (Duration 03:12)

Once all of the equipment is on location, it is time to introduce yourself to the client and to start setting up

Lesson 4: Thinking Through the Shot (Duration 07:31)

As the gear is being set up, it is a good time to check exposure readings and plan out what kind of portrait you want to take

Lesson 5: Working Through Problems (Duration 10:39)

In order to get the exact shot that you want, it is going to require some problem-solving when setting up the lighting

Lesson 6: Building Blocks (Duration 10:59)

Solving problems, creating new ones, moving forward, moving backward - it is all part of the tedious work that goes into creating a quality shot

Lesson 7: Making the Picture (Duration 11:55)

With all of the elements starting coming together, it is time to bring the subject in and start taking shots. However, we continue to tweak things as we go

Lesson 8: Second Office Portrait (Duration 18:08)

In trying to create a different look for this picture, we are going to contrast the light outside with a single strobe reflected off a white surface in front of the subject

Lesson 9: Outdoor Portrait (Duration 11:49)

The day concludes with some outdoor portrait shots utilizing a large soft box and a long throw reflector

Meet Your Instructor: Joe McNally

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned 30 years and included assignments in over 50 countries. He has shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New…


  1. Excellent. Lots of excellent points made. I liked the explanation of how to cross warm & cool colors using a warm jell with tungsen WB. Very informative on how to deal with reflections, and undesireable elements in the image by using your subject to block them.

  2. Many thanks Joe, for showing it real!! Too many trainers show edited highlights and leave out the real problem solving stuff. Best wishes to all involved.

  3. Wow. Joe makes me feel FAR less crazy for all of the "quick and dirty" types of rigs I've had to throw together (some of which included stuffed animals and cat toys) to get the light juuuuuuust right . I don't plan of ever having the amount of gear he hauls around, but the way this man works is just fantastic. Joe, you're my photography hero. I saw you live at a Photoshop World conference in '13 and I just haven't been the same since - in all the best ways! Your enthusiasm, humor and professionalism are inspirational.

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