How to Photograph Beautiful Brides, with Cliff Mautner

In this course, Cliff discusses the importance of putting the bride at ease, how he positions himself and the camera while shooting, staging scenes in order to capture the best light, and much more.

Cliff Mautner shares his personal tips, tricks, and photographic techniques that he's mastered throughout his career to capture beautiful portraits of the bride with each and every shot (no matter the location). In this course, Cliff discusses the importance of putting the bride at ease, how he positions himself and the camera while shooting, staging scenes in order to capture the best light, and much more. Cliff also shares his personal camera setups used at his own wedding shoots. If you're a wedding photographer then this is a must-see course!

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:58)

Cliff introduces himself, talks about his gear and about how he mentally prepares before beginning a wedding day shoot

Lesson 2: Getting Ready Mindset (Duration 02:58)

It is very important to earn the bride's trust as soon as you walk in the room

Lesson 3: Your Surrounding Light (Duration 05:37)

Light is at the essence of everything you are looking for throughout the wedding day

Lesson 4: Transitions (Duration 01:20)

Watch the change in the light quality in the room change when Cliff closes all of the drapes

Lesson 5: Capturing the Scene (Duration 04:16)

Working the room and discovering the best angles and lighting

Lesson 6: Setting the Scene (Duration 06:20)

Setting the stage for the moments to take place and then letting the moments happen

Lesson 7: Layers (Duration 01:41)

Combining elements at different distance to compose an image

Lesson 8: Shallow Depth of Field (Duration 04:54)

It is alright to move the bride around to get the best light and to compose new scenes

Lesson 9: Metering Mode (Duration 02:58)

Cliff prefers the quickness and ease of shooting with matrix metering

Lesson 10: What Are the Camera Settings? (Duration 01:36)

There are no rules to good photographs, there are just good photographs

Lesson 11: Beauty Shots (Duration 13:10)

Light is the most important element. Trust is the second most important

Lesson 12: Light Hunt (Duration 06:12)

Helping the bride move in her dress and searching for some new shots to take

Lesson 13: Adventurous Subjects (Duration 03:02)

Getting more creative and adventurous with the bride

Lesson 14: The Important Points (Duration 02:35)

Cliff reviews and summarizes the most important ideas of this course

Meet Your Instructor: Cliff Mautner

Recognized by WPPI as "one of the top photographers and educators in the world," Cliff Mautner's 28-year career in photography includes 15 years and 6000 assignments as a photojournalist with…


  1. I always thought I'd never want to be a wedding photographer, but my nephew has insisted I go to Tenerife in December to shoot his wedding. Thought I'd better start learning all I can and Cliff Mautner has changed my perspective completely. His love and understanding of how to make the bride look beautiful and, more importantly, feel beautiful is an inspiration - thank you Cliff.

  2. I am so excited to get to have training by the best in the field! So many of the questions that I have had are being answered, and I am gaining confidence and knowledge with each video. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn!

  3. Great ideas and tips. I am an amateur soaking up all the information that I can about my camera and photography. Lately I have become the family photographer because of my interest and passion with requests from my children to photograph events, grandkids, etc. My son, who is getting married for the second time and trying to save money, has asked me to take the photos at their informal wedding. The shots are not going to be professional but they are sure going to be better because I have watched this video. Thanks, Cliff. Really enjoyed this.

  4. Fantastic. Lost count of the number of times I said "Wow" out loud! Loved the use of the 85 f/1.4. Brilliant posing and lighting, and so incredible to see the results of the shoot right away.

  5. I just have no words to describe what I feel after watching this lesson. Clif is such an amazing teacher and explains everything with such an ease that even the person unfamiliar with technical details would understand him easily. Thank you so much, Cliff, for bringing me a confidence in what I am doing and for leaving such an amazing feeling after watching your course!

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