Wedding Photography – Shooting Around the Clock, with Cliff Mautner

In this course, Cliff Mautner shows viewers some tips and tricks for creating consistent, quality wedding images regardless of the lighting conditions.

Wedding photographers do not get to pick the shooting schedule on the day of the wedding, which means they may be shooting portraits at odd times, when lighting conditions are not at their best. In this course, Cliff Mautner shows viewers some tips and tricks for creating consistent, quality wedding images regardless of the lighting conditions. He starts with early morning light, tackles the bright sun of high noon, and races the falling sun of dusk. This course is designed to help photographers take anytime light and make good light out of it.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:50)


Lesson 2: 10 A.M. (Duration 07:55)


Lesson 3: 12 NOON (Duration 10:57)


Lesson 4: 2 P.M. (Duration 18:03)


Lesson 5: 4 P.M. (Duration 18:07)


Lesson 6: 6 P.M. (Duration 13:22)


Lesson 7: 8 P.M. (Duration 08:13)


Meet Your Instructor: Cliff Mautner

Recognized by WPPI as "one of the top photographers and educators in the world," Cliff Mautner's 28-year career in photography includes 15 years and 6000 assignments as a photojournalist with…


  1. Hi There great tutorial... love this guy... but I have a few questions. In this 2 O' Clock Lesson, Cliff says he exposes for the face. When the groom enters the picture he said he changes focual point but not exposure. Ok this sound fine EXCEPT what happens if you have a groom who is dark skinned and bride who is Fair skinned for vice versa - the exposure for one will be wrong for one of them.... Also the shoot is taking place during the day and stark light but not in DIRECT SUNLIGHT - the light seems to be obscured the builidings and trees. That is a good thing! If you were on a beach trying to get these images and there was no shade anywhere and you could not provide your own.. what would you do?? This is much harder when you have no choice but to shoot at the wrong time of day. Add in some wind and it gets even harder. I live in a coastal town and its always windy..its a nightmare - so any tips or suggestions would be greatly apprecaited.

  2. What I learnt in this video alone amounted to what I would normally learn in one year...if lucky! Best video I have ever seen about shooting in harsh light! Brilliant!

  3. I really enjoyed this one! I have found this course most helpful to me. Cliff is practical and realistic. I would like to see more of such live training sessions as they really help to get a proper perspective of what one faces on the job. Thanks to you guys at Kelby and congratulations Cliff, on a course well done!!!

  4. Very interesting course. I appreciated it. Others courses that I would like to see is wedding photography with people that are more big or with diferent shapes or less sensual or less beautiful or in shadow temperature. In fact with people that it is more difficult to create nice pictures (what is usualy true life for amateur like me). Thank you. Pierre Lavigne

  5. Cliff Mautner, Thank you for the great training videos on Kelby Training. It is a privilege to look over your shoulder while you are working. I shot a friends wedding last weekend. Ahead of time I knew I needed a lot of help. I found your simple style of shooting to be one I could remember on the wedding day and use with the equipment that I have. I rented a 24-70 and a 70-200 Nikon lens. They worked great. I used my SB-800 sparingly and tried to keep my lens racked out to 200 with the sun behind the couple. I could go on about all the other things I learned but lets just say before the wedding I was dreading the day, not sure if I could do it, and after the wedding Iím ready to use all my new skills, you showed me, and shot another. Everyone loves the pictures. Thanks again. Mark Harper.

  6. I have learnt so much form watching all of Cliff's course - he is an excellent tutor. The one thing I find interesting is how different the order of the wedding day is in the USA compared to the UK ( if what Cliff says in the courses are typical ). In the UK it would be unheard of for the couple to see each other before they were standing side by side at the ceremony - so unfortunately the shots of the groom catching the bride unawares is something that would not happen. Having said that the shots Cliff gets are beautifully simplistic. So to sum up it would be great to see more of Cliff in future tutorials. Martin ( Bristol UK )

  7. Rather than the traditional off-camera flash and white reflector lessons, Cliff Mautner took wedding photography to a whole new different level. I love his approach on using available light for portraits. To me, someone without an assistant to hold reflector, his technique is most applicable. Cliff Mautner took me on a journey to natural lighting. Furthermore, Cliff is a great instructor, very interactive. I am looking forward to more lessons from him

  8. Great lesson ! I love Cliff work. He is such a great photographer. His portfolio on his website is so moving. Thank you very much for theses lessons. They are precious. Jules, Paris, France.

  9. Wow. This is a lighting course. Even those that do not want to be a "wedding" photographer should watch this series for the lighting and technical information. Great Course.

  10. Great training, Cliff! I am not a wedding photographer, but your way of understanding and using light has dramatically enhance my photos the day after I watch your video

  11. In my opinion: I have found all of Cliff's course to be very beneficial to me and what I do in photography. Although the courses are wedding based his techniques are so useful in other areas. Would love to learn more from Cliff.

  12. How good was that tutorial? Simply put……..Amazing. Cliff's video's have taught me more in a few hours than I would have learned in hundreds of sessions from trial and error. Simply explained and easy to visualize, you can take them out with you and put them to use immediately. Any light can be made to be good light. Thanks Kelbyone! Happy Shooting!

  13. I have watched this video three times. It is outstanding. I really enjoy Cliff's videos. They are so informative. Whether you shoot weddings or not, this information can be used for any outside portrait. Great work Cliff. Thank you very much.

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