Tack Sharp! Sharpening in Photoshop and Lightroom By Matt Kloskowski

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If you have ever wondered where and when to sharpen your photos in Photoshop (and Lightroom) then join Matt in his latest class. You will learn about why you sharpen in the first place and what kinds of things you can do to your photos that will affect how sharp they appear. Then he jumps into the most efficient sharpening techniques used in Photoshop and Lightroom. Finally, the class finishes off with 2 start-to-finish videos that show you exactly where sharpening fits in and just how much time is spent on it. If you want your photos to look tack sharp, no matter where they are displayed (print, on screen or the web), then this class is for you.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

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Matt is the Vice President of Photography for onOne Software and a Tampa-based photographer. He's a best selling author of over 20 books and teaches Lightroom and Photoshop at seminars and conferences around the world....

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  1. Profile photo of bklynnat bklynnat

    This was very helpful. In LR, do you ever set up sharpening numbers as a preset for develop? If yes, do you set up presets for
    portraits and other images differently? Many thanks.

  2. Profile photo of John John

    Hello Matt, Many thanks for that – a clear explanation of all the sharpening techniques. Now, I know that increasing clarity in Lr is most definitely not sharpening but if you’re ever planning an update it may be worth including a section on how clarity and sharpening differ and how they work in conjunction. Thanks again, John

  3. Profile photo of Jason Clishe Jason Clishe

    Great video, even though the tools in the video are a few versions old by now, this still cleared up a lot of confusion I had.

  4. Profile photo of jimmymack jimmymack

    Very good tutorial. Learned a lot. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  5. Profile photo of lavonde lavonde

    I enjoyed this course as well. Going into it I had a lot of questions concerning being able to quantify what was over sharpened. Thanks! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  6. Profile photo of ivansaracino ivansaracino

    You are great ! Thank you dude ! Very very inspiring. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  7. Profile photo of jerryreuss jerryreuss


    Enjoyed the tutorial on sharpening as it answered many questions that I didn’t even think to ask.

    I look forward to your next session.


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