Photoshop CS4 Power Session By Matt Kloskowski

2 hr 42 min
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For Photoshop Users that want a quick, convenient way to unlock the potential of Photoshop CS4’s new features.

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Matt welcomes you to the course and gives a quick overview of what he will be covering
Let us start out by checking out some of the new interface improvements in Photoshop CS4
All of the image adjustments are now located in one panel.
If you have used Camera Raw before you will probably like the Vibrance adjustment. Now it is in Photoshop as an adjustment layer too.
Working with and refining masks just got a lot easier.
The Color Range selection helper got an enhancement too
Dodging and burning in Photoshop actually works more like you would think it should work in CS4
By far one of the coolest new features in CS4. Content aware scaling let's you add or remove areas from your images without squishing or stretching key parts of the image.
How we can put content aware scaling to work for printing
Smart Object lovers will like the new upgrades in CS4
Have Photoshop manage the colors in your print job
The Clone Stamp tool and Healing Brush now have a preview on the brush itself
Traditional artists will love this new feature that lets you rotate the canvas to any angle right on screen
Another one of the cooler enhancements in CS4 - the ability to create or own palettes
Simulate a Gradiated Neutral density filter right inside of Camera Raw
Using a brush inside of camera raw you can now paint on specific areas of your photo to increase or decrease exposure, color, sharpness, and contrast selectively
Some retouching tricks you can do with the new Adjustment Brush in Camera Raw
Now you can darken the edges of your images after you crop the photo and still have it apply to the newly cropped edges
Bridge CS4 got somewhat of a facelift. Check out some of the new interface features
Take a look at the new way to review your images and photos in Bridge CS4
Collections are not necessarily new, but the way we work with them in CS4 is
Make sure collections automatically stay updated with new photos using the new Smart Collections
Bridge CS4 offers a new way for us to create web galleries, contact sheets and PDFs. And it's a lot more visual then it ever was
Now you can open multiple images into the same Photoshop document and Bridge will put them all into separate layers.
If you shoot a lot of panos or HDR images then you ll love Bridge s new ability to auto stack your photos for you to help keep things organized
If you have got several photos with different focus points, you can use the Auto Blend feature to extend the depth of field and give you a sharp image all the way across
We will take a quick look at some of the new 3D tools inside of Photoshop Extended
Thanks for following along. Hope you learned a lot
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