Plug-ins for Photoshop: featuring OnOne Software By Matt Kloskowski

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Photoshop plug-ins can help photographers by saving them time and by allowing them to utilize image enhancement techniques they may not know how to do themselves.

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Welcome viewers. Here is what we will cover in this course
Learn how to best upsize your photos and still keep good quality
Use Genuine Fractals to prepare your photos for printing on canvas
Phototools will let you create some of the hottest special effects with just a few clicks
Mask Pro takes the complexity out of creating difficult selections in Photoshop and gives you some simple brush-based tools to work with
My personal favorite in the onOne Collection. PhotoFrame 4 quickly and easily lets you put frames, borders, graphics and incorporate many of the current trends when it comes to showing off your work
One of the most popular requests for Photoshop is adding a watermark to an entire folder of images. Believe it or not, PhotoFrame has a tool that makes this process really simple
If you want to draw attention to one part of your photo then Focal Point helps by adding blurs and vignettes
These plug-ins work best for those that aren't really sure what's wrong with a photo but know that the color or tone just doesn't look quite right. PhotoTune and SkinTune walk you through several steps where you visually choose which version of the pho
Thanks for tuning in. Hope you learned a lot
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