Mastering Color in Photoshop CS4 (The Nuts and Bolts) By Matt Kloskowski

1 hr 22 min

In this course you'll learn the main colors spaces that really matter (the ones you'll be working with the most), how to set up Photoshop for a color managed workflow, and the best ways to save your images for predictable results when it comes to printing and the web.

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Instructor Matt Kloskowski introduces himself and talks about what the course will cover
The three RGB color profiles that you will using the most with this course
Set the default color settings for your workspace when you open Photoshop
Making sense of the color mismatch dialog box and what to do when this occurs
RGB is generally used in the larger part of workflows but some projects require CMYK
Converting from one color profile to another
An introduction to screen calibration and steps on how calibrate your monitor
How viewing conditions affect color
Using ICC profiles to get an accurate soft proof of your image before printing
Going through the four different rendering intents inside Photoshop
How to get the color of the image on screen to match the image output to the printer
How these factors work inside Photoshop's print dialog
Everyone that shoots in Raw mode should be aware of these
Making your own color profiles with the DNG profile editor
This is the cure for photographers who aren't getting good color quality on the web
Thanks for following along. Hope you learned a lot
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Matt is the Vice President of Photography for onOne Software and a Tampa-based photographer. He's a best selling author of over 20 books and teaches Lightroom and Photoshop at seminars and conferences around the world....

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  1. Profile photo of ddscalaoagan ddscalaoagan

    Why does PS have all this Color Settings and LR has none (or at least I can’t find it)? What are the color management policies set in LR, as well as the conversion options (engine, intent, plus all those check boxes)?

  2. Profile photo of John Rigby John Rigby

    The one thing I don’t quite understand here is why set PS to use ProPhoto? I shoot raw and process in LR initially then export to PS as required. I have LR set to send sRGB into PS and I also have LR set to make JPEGs in sRGB. This is because I only ever do one of two things with my photos…. 1) Put on the web or 2) send to a lab for printing… both of which require sRGB and I can’t imagine this ever being any different. But you are saying only convert to sRGB at the end. Doesn’t this mean you could then get some clipping that needs to be dealt with after the conversion? If so whats the point and why not do the whole thing in sRGB from start to finish?

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