Lightroom Mobile, with Matt Kloskowski

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is Now Here!

Your photography is going places. Now you can finally free yourself from the desktop with on-the-go, pro-grade photo editing. Take Lightroom Mobile anywhere, and master your skills with KelbyOne. Unlock the App’s full potential with Lightroom expert Matt Kloskowski and learn how to view, organize, edit, share and sync with useful tips and tricks so you can start using Lightroom Mobile right away.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Welcome to Lightroom Mobile (Duration 00:53)

Join Matt Kloskowski for engaging videos, tips, and tricks so you can have all your questions answered about the new app!

Lesson 2: Getting Lightroom Mobile Up and Running (Duration 02:11)

Matt Kloskowski shows you where you can download the mobile app to your iPad, and how to update your desktop version of Lightroom 5 to work seamlessly with the app.

Lesson 3: Syncing Photos from Laptop to Tablet (Duration 04:54)

Matt Kloskowski describes how to create your Collections, then sync with Lightroom Mobile and take them with you.

Lesson 4: Viewing and Sorting Your Photos (Duration 03:48)

Matt Kloskowski shows how to view and sort through your photos on the iPad using Lightroom Mobile.

Lesson 5: Editing Your Photos (Duration 05:37)

Matt Kloskowski showcases how to edit your photographs on the new Lightroom Mobile.

Lesson 6: Using Presets (Duration 02:19)

Everyone loves presets! Matt Kloskowski shows how to use the new presets in Lightroom Mobile.

Lesson 7: Syncing Back To Your Laptop (Duration 02:39)

Matt Kloskowski shows you how you can sync back to your desktop as you edit your photos.

Lesson 8: Sharing Photos (Duration 02:30)

Done editing? Matt Kloskowski show how easy it is to share your photos with the new Lightroom Mobile.

Lesson 9: Tips and Tricks (Duration 04:30)

Wrap up with Matt Kloskowski as he shows you a few tips and tricks for the new Lightroom Mobile.

Meet Your Instructor: Matt Kloskowski

Matt is the full-time Director of Education for Kelby Media Group and a Tampa-based photographer. He's the Editor-in-Chief of Lightroom Magazine, the lead instructor on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom LIVE…


  1. This is a great course, thanks for getting it out so soon. I noticed this course before I actually noticed the Lightroom 5.4 update so you are ahead of the game. Very informative and easy to follow. Lightroom Mobile is a very nice and welcomed addition to my Lightroom use.

  2. Matt, GREAT JOB on the intro to this product. Thorough and easy to understand and follow! I've been waiting for something like this to hit the market! I feel the functionality is ideal in so many it lounging around in the living room, on the go, at your favorite wifi hotspot, wherever! However, seeing as I've , and a lot of people feel the same way, already paid for my desktop versions of LR4 and LR5 and own CS6 Masters Collection, I don't feel I need to pay for an additional version of, or for a subscription to, both LR or Photoshop. Sure, the updates and the cloud storage do ad some great value and of course require fees for its existence, I just with there was an alternative option. Now if Adobe were to offer an incentive for legacy users or a standalone LR subscription I might be interested. I wouldn't be too turned off to an annual subscription price of $40-$50 bucks, but bottom line, I don't need another version of Photoshop right now!

  3. Thanks Matt, this course is fantastic as always. I'm pumped that LR Mobile is out and I realize it's only a v1 product at this point, but unfortunately it's not usable for me yet. It syncs in the wrong direction. I currently use Photosmith on the iPad to sync from my Eye-Fi to the iPad while I shoot. Then I cull in Photosmith. Then when I get home I import the raw's from my CF card into LR and then do a metadata only sync from Photosmith to LR which matches up my ratings and labels to the master raw's. In other words, I don't sync from LR desktop -> iPad, I only sync from iPad -> LR desktop. So until LR Mobile supports importing via wireless tether (I have to believe this is on the roadmap), it's a non starter.

  4. Matt: Excellent primer on this latest addition to the Adobe Photo group. I will likely find the answer to my question once I gain more familiarity with this 'app' but is there a way to "unsync" (new word) or clear a collection from the iPad? Also, what file format are the photo's in when on iPad and, after edits, re-synced to Lightroom 5? Again, I will likely find the answer after playing with the app for a bit. Thank you to Adobe for proving a perk for its' subscriber base and a big THANKS to you for being on top of the app with your overview.

  5. Fantastic course and great overview on the new Lightroom app for iPad! Thanks for the hint with the two-finger tap'n'slide on the black and whites to see the clipping!

  6. Hey there Matt, so does the full image file size get copied to the iPad or is it a meta data file only? ie. if my image is 20megs, does the that 20megs get copied over to my iPad? Just trying to think of how much room is left on my iPad and also data bandwidth for cellular plan. Wouldn't want any surprises on my next bill!! LOL!! Let me know, thanks eh!

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