Picture Postcard Workflow Part 2 By Dan Margulis

1 hr 58 min
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This course will feature part 2 of Dan Margulis’s new workflow for creating a conservative color image in Photoshop. This course demonstrates the use of appropriate contrast.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Introduction to the Picture Postcard Workflow Part 2.
Using Channels to Create a Grayscale Image.
Blending Channels to Get the Best Look.
Using Curves to Make Your Image Better
Blending In Different Modes
Experimenting With Channel Blending For Better Contrast.
Using Artificial Black to Improve Your Image.
Blending Different Channels for Different Looks.
Using Overlay Blend to Add Detail
Adjusting the Radius in Overlay
Picking the Best Channel for Overlay.
Using A Layer Mask to Improve Skies.
Strengthening Your Skies
Adjusting the Sky to the Threst of Your Image
How to Unflatten Your Image.
A Disciplined Workflow Approach
Get It Right and Move On
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Dan Margulis


Dan Margulis is internationally regarded as the leading authority on color correction. He is the author of Professional Photoshop, which, since its first edition in 1994, has become the unofficial bible of the prepress and printing industries. His column, "Makeready," which focuses on practical production issues, appears in both Photoshop...

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    Picture Postcard – where is Part 1? I can only see Part 2 and Part 3.

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