Practical Photoshop Elements, with Lesa Snider

In this class, Lesa leads you on a journey through the most practical and non-destructive editing techniques in Photoshop Elements.

In this class, Lesa leads you on a journey through the most practical and non-destructive editing techniques in Photoshop Elements. Learn the truth about resolution, how to resize images without quality loss, discover the basics of layers and layer masks, how to create gorgeous grayscales, delicious duotones, festive frames, how to zap backgrounds, fix stubborn red-eye, and more!

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: What is Resolution? AKA Brown Sugar (Duration 04:19)

Understanding pixels, resolution, and when it matters... through a cup of brown sugar!

Lesson 2: Resizing An Image For Print (Duration 05:56)

How to change resolution without changing quality.

Lesson 3: Resizing An Image For Email Or Posting On The Web (Duration 05:19)

How to reduce file size enough for sending a photo as an email attachment or posting on a Web site.

Lesson 4: Cropping and Resizing (Duration 03:40)

How to use the Crop tool to resize and change resolution at the same time.

Lesson 5: Resizing a Web Image For Print (Duration 06:20)

How to snatch an image from the Web and change its resolution so that it prints well.

Lesson 6: Classic Black Photo Border (Duration 05:00)

How to add a thin border around a photo to make it pop off the page.

Lesson 7: Layers 101: Building a Stacked Paper Background (Duration 10:33)

Understanding layers through building a stacked paper background with shape layers.

Lesson 8: Layer Masks 101: Placing Text Behind An Object (Duration 08:12)

Using a layer mask to hide pieces of text so that it looks like it was in the photo shoot.

Lesson 9: Placing A Photo Within Text (Duration 04:52)

Creating the classic photo inside text effect using the Group With Previous command.

Lesson 10: Fading One Image Into Another (Duration 08:58)

Use the Elliptical Marquee tool and edge feathering to create a soft oval vignette.

Lesson 11: Portrait Popper (Duration 01:50)

How to use the Lens Correction filter to create softly burned edges to accentuate the focal point.

Lesson 12: Rounding The Edges Of A Photo (Duration 07:42)

Use a Rounded Edge shape layer to create rounded photo edges.

Lesson 13: Changing The Color Of An Object (Duration 04:38)

Use the Quick Selection tool along with a Hue/Saturation adjustment to change the color of an object.

Lesson 14: Erasing The Background Of An Image (Duration 15:03)

Quickly zap the background of an object using the Background Eraser... the non-destructive way.

Lesson 15: Isolating Frizzy Hair (Duration 06:01)

How to use the Magic Extractor, non-destructively, to select frizzy hair.

Lesson 16: Converting A Color Photo To Black And White (Duration 05:52)

Discover the many ways of zapping color from an image to produce maximum contrast.

Lesson 17: Partial Color (Duration 08:15)

Use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to drain the color from an image, then paint it back in certain areas to accentuate the focal point.

Lesson 18: Colorizing Grayscale (Duration 05:53)

How to colorize a grayscale image

Lesson 19: Adding A Color Tint (Duration 05:38)

Use Elements Effects and a Photo Filter adjustment layer to create a color tint or sepia effect.

Lesson 20: Color Correction and Casts (Duration 04:52)

How to use the Color Cast tool and Levels adjustment layer to correct color problems.

Lesson 21: Fixing Stubborn Red-Eye (Duration 04:55)

How to fix red-eye automatically in Quick Edit mode, using the Red-Eye tool, and finally, using the Color Replacement brush for super stubborn cases.

Lesson 22: Festive Frames (Duration 04:48)

How to use the Cookie Cutter tool to add creative frames to an image, complete with a new background and drop shadow.

Lesson 23: Conclusion (Duration 00:42)

Hope you had a good time learning about Photoshop Elements

Meet Your Instructor: Lesa Snider

Lesa Snider, internationally acclaimed author and speaker, is on a mission to teach the world to create better graphics. She’s the author of several books including the best-selling series, Photoshop:…

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