Using Layers in Photoshop Elements 4 By Matt Kloskowski

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Join Matt Kloskowski as he walks you through using one of the most revolutionary and important features in any digital imaging program. Learning how to use layers in Photoshop Elements will take your digital creativity to entire new levels.

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Today, we'll cover The basics of the layers palete and how to start using layers inside Photoshop Elements.
Take a closer look at the layers in the layers palette.
Today's lesson covers the very important topic of opacity, which deals with the ability to see through certain parts of a layer.
Let's look at the flexibility and features around using shape layers and cust om shapes in your Photoshop Elements layers and images.
See how we can take these shape layers even further and make them work like regular layers in Photoshop Elements.
Examine cookie cuter layers and how easy they make it to add some nice borders and effects to your photos.
One of the absolute coolest Layers features in Photoshop Elements - adjustment layers.
Layer Masks are the ultimate in layer flexibility inside Photoshop Elements.
How to use brushes to get even more control when using layer masks.
Now let's take a look at some of the undocumented featu res of layers masks.
Layer styles are one-click wonders inside of Photoshop Elements.
A look at how to edit styles in case you don't like the default settings.
A look at some type layer basics and just how to add or edit a type layer in your layers palete.
An easy way to create paragraphs with type.
A deeper look at some of the other type - related features that are available to you.
Learn about one of the most powerful tools to make layers work toget her - blend modes.
Learn how to use blend modes to restore and fix photos that are too dark or too light.
In this lesson you 'll learn how to use Blend modes to en hance and fix your photos.
Learn a flexible way to do one of the most requested techniques in Photoshop Elements - multi-photo collages.
Find out how to make a photo appear inside of an object or type in Photoshop Elements.
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