Fashion Flair Photography, with Lindsay Adler

Get ready to take your wedding and portrait photos to the next level with Lindsay Adler, fashion and portrait photographer, as she takes you on location and shows you how to use your creativity to tell a story with drama and flair!

Get ready to take your wedding and portrait photos to the next level with Lindsay Adler, fashion and portrait photographer, as she takes you on location and shows you how to use your creativity to tell a story with drama and flair! Lindsay teaches you about all of the elements you’ll need, from props to locations and makeup to posing, to go beyond what is expected to create stunning photographs and give your subjects an experience they’ll never forget.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Telling a Story (Duration 05:19)

Join Lindsay on location as she describes the ingredients of a successful fashion flair photo shoot.

Lesson 2: Little Red Riding Hood (Duration 09:01)

Choosing the location is a key element of the story you are trying to tell. The first shoot is using the theme of Little Red Riding Hood to tell the story of this couple, and finding the right forest backdrop is essential to the story.

Lesson 3: The Big Bad Wolf (Duration 07:03)

You may work with a couple or client that wants to include the family pet in the shoot and, if you are creative with your theme, you can find fun ways to work them into the story.

Lesson 4: Beauty Shot (Duration 05:02)

Time for a few close up beauty shots along with some great tips for working with subjects who may not be comfortable in front of the lens.

Lesson 5: Adding Drama (Duration 05:36)

It's not always necessary to make a big production out of a couples shoot, but with the right ingredients and a little creativity you can create images that really stand out from the rest.

Lesson 6: Props and Tools to Add Flair (Duration 06:38)

With a new couple comes a new story to tell, and in this case the shoot will have a Princess and the Frog theme. Before the shooting starts Lindsay shares series of inexpensive props and tools that you can use to create incredibly unique and creative photos.

Lesson 7: The Princess... (Duration 11:38)

The beauty shot is one of the more important shots to get as you tell the story of the couple you are working with. Lindsay shows you a number of different ways to add fashion flair to this classic shot.

Lesson 8: ...and the Frog (Duration 07:50)

With the beauty shots done, Lindsay moves on to some fun and playful couple poses using cool props that continue to tell the story.

Lesson 9: Using a Color as a Theme (Duration 11:54)

Sometimes a theme can be as simple as a color. Lindsay heads into the studio for a fashion flair shoot packed with tips and tricks on lighting and posing to help you take your work from ordinary to extraordinary.

Lesson 10: More Studio Lighting Techniques (Duration 06:33)

Staying in the studio and continuing with the red theme, Lindsay shares more lighting and posing tips from full body to tight close up portraits.

Lesson 11: The Beauty Dish (Duration 11:21)

The beauty dish is one of the most commonly used lighting tools in fashion photography. Learn a number of different poses and lighting setups for using a beauty dish with flair.

Lesson 12: Unique Lighting Equipment (Duration 07:12)

Lindsay wraps up the class with a quick lesson on adding fashion flair with a fluorescent ring light. This daylight balanced ring light is a constant light source, which makes it easy to see the results as you shoot right through it.

Meet Your Instructor: Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in New York. For the past 10 years she has owned and operated a portrait, fashion, and wedding studio distinguished…


  1. I absoultely loved this course. Im into shooting pet photography and looking to expand the creativity thats used in fashion photography. I learned more about the "whys" we shoot a certain way, new techiniques with lighting, angles.. All good stuff.. etc.. Also Lindsay explains things in whole and in a way its easy for anyone to pick it up. Its personable. The best part was when she gets into detail of props, tools and mentioned she brings her camera into craft stores to try different flares and ideas to photos, it bascially made me crap my pants that a professional comes from the same place I do. There is hope for the amatures out there! Thanks again for the great videos. Excellent source for anyone looking into more creativty whether its people, objects or scenery shooting!!

  2. One of the best instructors I've seen on Kelby! I love Lindsay's work, now I know why she's so fantastic. Her fast paced, authoritative and direct teaching style is like watching an Indiana Jones movie! Thanks!

  3. an absolutely outstanding course that gets you thinking creatively and then makes you realise how easy it is to be creative with simple props. Truly inspirational

  4. Lindsay Adler is a great person. She obviously loves her work and has the talent to teach others in a very positive way. She wants to make you 'run' to your camera and put into practice what she showed me in her course.

  5. This course was fantastic! I love her simple and to the point teaching style. Her ideas and tips with using different small crystals and plastic pieces to shoot through were awesome. I would have loved to see her shoot with the lens baby though. Definately one of my favorite courses on kelby training. Great job Lindsay!

  6. One of the best courses I've seen on Kelby Training! A big 10! Very inspirational and they way Lindsay explains everything, I think my dog could learn photography from her. This should be a benchmark for future courses on Kelby Training. I just finish watching it and I can not wait for more Lindsay!

  7. Have just finished watching this amazing course on it is amazing and thoroughly enjoyed it. 'Simple' I like the fast simple and professional approach Lindsay takes to her photography, lets face it she creates some amazing pictures.... @darrenhouse_

  8. This course was packed with good ideas and new ways of doing things. It was also very enteraining to watch. While all the lessons were excellent, the Princess and the Frog was awesome. Thanks so much.

  9. Loved it! Learned a lot from Lindsay -- she has some great tips and ideas that are simple; more important, she doesn't send you running off to B&H to spend your life's savings. Really enjoyed the outside shots that told a "story." The idea with the frog was super and daring.

  10. This is probably one of the best courses I've watched on Kelby Training. Lindsay's approach is that of a storyteller and she's creating these beautifully crafted peices of art through her story. She's also technically gifted but teaches in a creative way. Her technical prowess seems secondary to the art of visual storytelling. I look forward to more courses with Lindsay! Gina

  11. What a fantastic teacher! The perfect balance between a wide variety of ideas and tips to create the shot and the technical information; all in an easy going and easy-to-understand style. Looking forward to more classes from Lindsay!

  12. I want more of this please! My favorite so far. I have never been interested in studio lighting until now.Linsay Adler teaches in such an easy way to understand. Learned so much. Loved everything about the whole course. Thank you!

  13. This young women is a fabulous teacher, poised and mature well beyond her years. She takes the "mystery " and "complication" out of studio lighting and makes it very easy to understand as well as inspiring..

  14. Lindsay Adler is makes the best Kelby Videos...and Ive seen more than 50% of all your photog videos. If you can keep her videos coming, I will continue subscribing.

  15. Beside the legend Joe Mcnally, Lindsay is my next favourite photographer on this site, her classes are soooo awesome and simple to understand. In other words, Scott get her back for another class.

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