Photographing Everyday People, with Lindsay Adler

As a portrait photographer your job is to make your subject look their very best, to emphasize their strong points and down play their less flattering attributes.

Join Lindsay Adler, a portrait and fashion photographer, to learn professional strength techniques for photographing everyday people. In this class you will learn how to utilize all of the tools at your disposal, from posing and lighting to lens choice and clothing selection to get the best possible capture possible. From there Lindsay walks you through an array of post-processing tips and tricks to deal with the most common types of challenges all portrait photographers have to face. By the end of this class you’ll feel more confident in your ability to flatter any subject that steps in front of your lens.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 03:45)

Join Lindsay as she introduces the concepts covered in this class and lays the foundation for the subsequent lessons.

Lesson 2: Photographing Anyones Good Side (Duration 04:54)

It is your job to bring out the best in your subject by using techniques that enhance their strengths and downplay their flaws.

Lesson 3: The Double Chin (Duration 08:13)

There are a number of techniques, from posing to lighting, to help you photograph a person with a pronounced double chin.

Lesson 4: Curvy (Duration 09:50)

When photographing a person who is a bit more curvy there are a number of do's and don'ts to keep in mind.

Lesson 5: Plus Size (Duration 07:48)

There are additional posing and lighting techniques that can help you photograph an even more full figured person.

Lesson 6: Defined Wrinkles (Duration 07:24)

Lighting is one of your greatest tools for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, but makeup and Photoshop are important too.

Lesson 7: Pronounced Nose (Duration 10:55)

There are a variety of tools to help minimize the appearance of a more pronounced nose.

Lesson 8: Larger Forehead and Uneven Features (Duration 09:27)

From makeup to lens choice, there are a lot of ways to minimize the forehead and help you deal with uneven features.

Lesson 9: How Your Camera Sees (Duration 11:41)

Your choice of lens has a big impact on how the subject will look.

Lesson 10: Using Light to Slenderize the Subject (Duration 07:45)

You can use shadows to control the shape of your subject.

Lesson 11: Glasses (Duration 03:37)

There are a few techniques to help reduce or eliminate reflections in glasses.

Lesson 12: Clothing and Body Types (Duration 10:03)

The right clothing can go a long way to flattering your subjects.

Lesson 13: Photoshop Tools: Liquify (Duration 04:45)

Lindsay introduces some of the Photoshop tools she uses to make her subjects look their best starting with the Liquify Tool.

Lesson 14: Photoshop Tools: Beyond Liquify (Duration 05:19)

The Liquify Tool can be used a number of ways, but there are additional techniques that allow you to take it further.

Lesson 15: Photoshop Tools: Reducing Highlights (Duration 06:22)

Building on previous techniques Lindsay demonstrates a few techniques for reducing highlights on oily skin.

Lesson 16: Photoshop Tools: Wrinkles and Teeth (Duration 12:43)

Lindsay demonstrates techniques to soften wrinkles and brighten teeth.

Lesson 17: Photoshop Tools: Common Problems (Duration 05:52)

Here are techniques to deal with situations that all portrait photographers have to face at some point.

Lesson 18: Photoshop Tools: Advanced Retouching (Duration 08:35)

This is an advanced retouching technique involving multiple steps to separate the color and tone from the texture in a subject's face.

Lesson 19: Photoshop Tools: Double Chin (Duration 05:50)

Lindsay wraps up the class with a few techniques for reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Meet Your Instructor: Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in New York. For the past 10 years she has owned and operated a portrait, fashion, and wedding studio distinguished…


  1. I would certainly like to see more portrait courses that discuss techniques (lighting/retouching) for "everyday people". Far too many courses on the kelby site use professional models with great make-up and for many photographers, pro and amateur alike, the subject is often not a professional model. Adler's course is very welcome!

  2. Outstanding class!!! Lindsay is a master and this class is an absolute must for anyone interested in improving their portrait photography and retouching skills.

  3. One of the best courses I've ever seen here. Tremendous amount of information and demonstration. I was starting to worry with the latest round of courses and inspiration series that the content was becoming watered down but this restores my faith. One suggestion, would love to see a PDF cheat sheet with the do's and don'ts, tips and tricks. I will make one but thought this would be a great downloadable benefit.

  4. Frankly, I had been hoping for a course like this for a long, long time. Most of us are not photographing perfect, young humans for a living. Not only is this course needed, it is extremely well done.

  5. Lindsay, when it comes to teaching photography, you are right up there with the best! Always solid, informative and honest. Way to go.

  6. Excellent. The course is very complete and Lindsay is a very good teacher. I liked the explanation about liquify and how to pose your subject. A lot of information and a very useful course.

  7. Great class. Would it be possible to make the slides with tips and before and after pictures available as downloads? So I can have them ass small ah remember that stuff, when ever I need to refresh my memory?

  8. This is one of the best classes I have seen on Kelby. The information was very practical and easy to replicate. Thanks for you wonderful tips and techniques.

  9. I've seen several of the suggestions at one time or another, but this was the first class that pulls them all together from lens, to angle, to lighting, to post. Thanks, Lindsay!

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