The LAB Frontier By Dan Margulis

2 hr 10 min
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This course will focus on some of the more advanced techniques of LAB color correction. The course will cover a workflow that begins in RGB and ends in LAB for the purpose of color enhancement.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

An introduction and overview of the course
What happens when LAB has colors that are outside not just the CMYK, but the RGB gamut.
How imaginary colors give LAB the advantage over working in RGB or CMYK
Retouching blown-out areas using imaginary colors in LAB
The LAB advantage of painting in Color mode to repair blownout face areas
Isolate blown-out areas for correction by painting
How conventional (low-radius) sharpening in LAB differs from using the same settings in RGB
See the difference between the two methods
French Impressionism and sharpening the AB channels
Some situations will call for a different sharpening method
Hiraloam sharpening in both Luminosity and Color modes in an overall workflow context
The importance of multiply mode to enhance the quartertone
Choosing the proper layer mask for an LAB multiplication
Here is another example of how to choose the proper layer mask
Noise reduction in LAB isn't rocket science
Reduction of color-only moires in LAB
Blending with the AB channels to remove complicated moires
Blending the A or B into the L versus using the A or B as a mask
These two blends can accomplish a great deal if you understand how to use them
The Man from Mars Method in combination with a final Darken/Lighten blend from the A and/or B
The Man from Mars Method for fleshtones, with final AB blend to limit damage
A comprehensive RGB to LAB workflow to break colors apart in a heavily-casted maritime scene
RGB channel blending as a prelude to the Man from Mars Method
The RGB/LAB workflow and an outdoor family shot
RGB/LAB workflow and wildlife photography
Thanks for following along. Hope you learned a lot.
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Dan Margulis is internationally regarded as the leading authority on color correction. He is the author of Professional Photoshop, which, since its first edition in 1994, has become the unofficial bible of the prepress and printing industries. His column, "Makeready," which focuses on practical production issues, appears in both Photoshop...

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    Dan Margulis is epic. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    I don’t think I could follow Dan in a live course simply because there IS so much good information in a short span of time. Definitely has changed the way I edit photos the past twos years, and I learn something new each time I watch his tutorials. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  3. Profile photo of Philip Bach Philip Bach

    An excellent course. And the format was great. I.e. able to pause and take notes and rewind etc. Better than a live lecture. Thanks —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    challenging, super interesting, wonderful teacher!!! he takes color correction to the next level —- Yes, please post my feedback

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