Camera Basics: Nikon D7000 By Larry Becker

49 min
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Larry Becker is the guy behind the inexpensive photography solutions and DIYs featured on DTownTV. That's about all you really need to know, but if you're still curious about the man behind the cheap solutions, click here....

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  1. Profile photo of Rick Rick

    I really enjoyed all the basic courses and have learned quite a bit. The basics on the D7000 was very informative. When are you going to do something on the 7100. I just took the plunge and invested in one. It sure would be nice to have a similar walk through on this one. I have noticed a few differences and am going through the manual to determine what they are. Obviously your folks make the information clearer and of course easier to understand. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  2. Profile photo of mbelgal mbelgal

    I’ve been using the D7000 for a few months now (had a D90 earlier), and still learned a few things about the camera. Would love to see a class on just focusing alone and what type of focusing you might use based on the situation. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  3. Profile photo of Katherine Bargar Katherine Bargar

    This course was just what I needed to learn the buttons and dials on my new camera. I would love to see another class on using the specific speed lights. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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