B&H Camera Basics: Nikon 1V2, with Larry Becker and Mia McCormick

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Lay of the Land (Duration 04:23)

Lesson 2: Image Quality (Duration 01:45)

Lesson 3: White Balance (Duration 02:58)

Lesson 4: Exposure (Duration 06:50)

Lesson 5: Focus Modes (Duration 04:59)

Lesson 6: Image Playback (Duration 02:32)

Lesson 7: Flash (Duration 02:43)

Lesson 8: Metering (Duration 01:32)

Lesson 9: Video (Duration 05:09)

Lesson 10: Extra Tips (Duration 04:00)

Lesson 11: Troubleshooting (Duration 02:11)

Lesson 12: Bonus (Duration 03:21)

Meet Your Instructor: Larry Becker

Larry Becker is the guy behind the inexpensive photography solutions and DIYs featured on DTownTV. That's about all you really need to know, but if you're still curious about the…

Meet Your Instructor: Mia McCormick

Mia McCormick works as a resident technology expert for Kelby Training and B&H Photo - one of the largest electronic retailers in the world. She also conducts a series of…

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  1. Nicely done Larry and Mia . Good to see you recognizing this format . I have the Nion 1 V! and it is a great camera for street photography. Love it . and for anyone thinking about the smaller sensor ...there are professional photographers such as Corey Rich using the Nikon 1 system professionally for video and stills...I think he uses the Nikon 1 J3...this is a nice little system

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