Accessories Basics: Lenses By Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski

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If you’ve just got your first DSLR and are wondering about what lens to get next, then this is the class for you! Join Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski as they devote an entire class to helping you understand everything you need to know about lenses for your DSLR. Whether you plan to shoot portraits, weddings, sports, or just head out into the world with your camera at the ready, this class will help you choose the right lens for the task at hand.

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Scott and Matt introduce the concepts covered in this class and begin the discussion of why you should move beyond the lens that came with your camera.
The choice of lens focal length has a huge impact on how much of the scene you can include in your photo.
Each lens has a maximum aperture opening, which is expressed in f/stop. The lower the f/stop number the larger the size of the aperture. The larger the aperture the more light can pass through the lens to the sensor.
The size of your sensor is a consideration in choosing your lenses.
After building the foundation for understanding lenses Scott and Matt discuss some of their favorite lenses.
Some lenses are better for capturing landscape scenes than others. Scott and Matt also discuss several accessories for shooting better landscape photos.
There are many considerations when traveling that will affect your choice of what lenses to bring.
When shooting weddings you want a fast lens that allows for shooting in low light and can produce a shallow depth of field to blur out the background.
For most sports photography you will need lenses that can bring distant subjects up close and have large apertures to allow for using action stopping shutter speeds.
There are a few accessories for your lenses that can help improve your shots.
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  1. Profile photo of jarrettmaxwell jarrettmaxwell

    If I’m buying a crop sensor camera (say 7D Mark II) should I still purchase full frame lenses in preparation for a future full frame camera?

  2. Profile photo of Uzma Uzma

    if u were travelling and there was only one lens you could take .. which one would it be. for landscape. portraits everything.. a go to lens

  3. Profile photo of wainlslr wainlslr

    Hi , I am thinking of buying a zoom lens 400mm / 500 mm – and when discussing this in a camera shop was asked if I had considered digiscope photography . To be honest I had not heard of digiscope photography before and wondered if you had tried this and might share the advantages and disadvantages . I have a Canon 5D mark 3 – and would like to know what you might recommend re. a zoom lens compared to a digiscope .

  4. Profile photo of Mike Mike

    Great information and I have a question. Would any of your recommendations for lens focal lengths change for a cropped sensor vs a full frame sensor?

  5. Profile photo of Barbara T. Barbara T.

    Love it! Information is easy to follow, encouraging, and practical. Thank you for providing a thorough collection of answers to a beginner’s most asked questions. These videos can be viewed again and again for strengthened learning. Now on to exposure & accessories! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  6. Profile photo of Michael Whitaker Michael Whitaker

    This course was absolutely phenomenal, from the structure, to the flow, to the topics covered. I really enjoyed how Scott and Matt were able to bounce off each other and add to the lessons. Before I started this course I had zero knowledge on lenses and was always left confused after reading an article or two. This course filled in the missing fundamentals that I do not possess or understand. Thank You Matt and Scott for this incredible, easy to understand, and enjoyable course. I’m confident in my ability to go out in the world to find a good piece of “glass.” —- Yes, please post my feedback

  7. Profile photo of hapiduk hapiduk

    Being a self-starter I have been searching for this information for a while. This covered everything I needed to know. Thanks guys! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  8. Profile photo of Joan Petersen Joan Petersen

    Where was this class when I was trying to figure out what lenses I should buy. Maybe you already said it and I missed it but I would have liked to know what overall general lenses someone should pick. I didn’t have a speciality (can’t say I do now either) so knowing what to start with would have been great. Just a broad spectrum of glass, a glass for every occasion :) You eluded to it like this is my go-to lens. Regardless awesome class. Thanks guys another great job! —- Yes, please post my feedback

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